Bronx Brewery put on ice by government shutdown

Bronx Brewery put on ice by government shutdown|Bronx Brewery put on ice by government shutdown
The brewery’s manufacturing room.
Bronx Brewery

The federal government’s lengthy shutdown has made the Bronx Brewery sales, along with almost 7,000 others breweries nationwide, go flat.

These craft beer makers rely on the US Treasury’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau’s approval to label and sell their brews across state lines.

In the case of the Bronx Brewery, up to 12 of their beer products that are distributed to 10 states as south as Virginia and west as Ohio are being kept on ice until the federal agency reopens.

As a matter of fact, even the TTB’s website has limited service during the 30-plus days governmental gridlock.

“We are currently awaiting approvals on two new products that without the government functioning, we cannot distribute across state lines,” said Bronx Brewery spokesman Nick Mezansky.

“So, the shutdown restricts our ability to innovate,” he added.

Innovation is essentially a cornerstone in the business of brewing unique and craft beers like ‘Everyday Hustle,’ a themed hoppy lager that will make it’s formal debut during Marco Shalma’s ‘It’s The Bronx’ event at the brewery on Saturday, January 26.

According to Mezansky, the Bronx Brewery distributes its different beers across state lines annually.

“We also distribute up to ten different beers at a given time,” he said.

Some of its beers have even found fans overseas, including Sweden, Bronx Brewery co-founder Damian Brown said.

Just to have the TTB approve a beer’s label is a two to three week process alone Brown stated, noting that it would take about five weeks just to get back up to speed once the federal agency reopens.

Mezansky continued on to explain that while the Bronx Brewery can label and distribute within the state of New York, the company’s business strategy is to release its new beers to its entire consumer market at once.

While the government shutdown doesn’t seem to have an end on the near horizon, warmer weather days and ‘open season’ is coming for the Bronx Brewery.

Having two fully-designed and crafted beers just sitting, waiting for TTB approval isn’t what the brewery would prefer to focus its efforts on just weeks before seasonally re-opening its outdoor backyard space.

If you’re beyond the state’s border and need a cold one before the federal government re-opens, visit the Bronx Brewery’s tasting room at 856 E. 136th Street.

The brewery’s front exterior.
Bronx Brewery

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