Bronx Breast Cancer Resources

Bronx Breast Cancer Resources
Breast cancer awareness’s very recognizable pink ribbon.

With so many new opportunities available in the borough, there is no need to go outside the borough for anything, including your health needs.

And you certainly don’t have to leave the Bronx to get quality breast cancer care either, or to receive help grappling with breast cancer related issues through support programs.

There are a host of facilities and resources available for all types of breast cancer treatment for both women and men. Many are covered in this special Pink Issue, with our sponsor being Eastchester Center for Cancer Care. There is a full story about them on page three of this edition.

Montefiore’s health care and programing

So much of the story of Bronx health care in the past several years has been a story about the health-titan Montefiore.

The Breast Cancer Center Program at Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care is so well known that the hospital system states in its publications that it “provides personalized care to patients from across the country, using the most advanced diagnostics, treatments and technologies for all types and stages of benign and malignant breast disease.” .

There is a highly-qualified team of oncologists (surgical, radiation, medical), reconstructive plastic surgeons, and radiologists on staff.

Dr. Christine Pellegrino a member of Montefiore’s breast team for more than 10 years, said breast cancer care at the hospital is not just about providing needed treatment.

She said that the entire staff works to help women to accept their diagnosis and deal with the “psychosocial” aspects of care.

“For some women, in their cultures, breast cancer is embarrassing and they may not seek out medical attention because they are concerned of what people might think or they are concerned they might not be able to provide care for their families,” she said, citing an example of the types of issues that their department works to address with patients.

Pyschosocial care takes into account where the patient is at in her or his life, their culture, and any other variables that may be the deciding factor in the patient deciding to seek treatment, she said. They also can provide psychological care to the patient or their family if it is necessary.

Montefiore also offers what began in 2009 as a breast cancer support program and has since expanded to help people with all cancers. It is called the Bronx Oncology Living Daily or BOLD program.

BOLD helps heal the mind as the medicine heals the body, and has or does offer several ongoing weekly or monthly workshops, including a crochet group, Reiki healing circle, yoga classes, mediation, drum circle, stress management, creative writing and art, music therapy, nutrition and fitness.

At its Einstein campus near Morris Park, Montefiore will also host the 7th Annual Edward S. Greenwald Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Event in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The event takes place at The Tower at Montefiore Medical Park at 1695 Eastchester Road on Saturday, October 4 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is free for people without insurance, while standard co-pays apply for those with insurance.

SHAREing at Jacobi
The SHARE program provides support groups for cancer survivors at many health care providers. At Jacobi, the hospital’s auxiliary funds a SHARE support group specifically serving 15 patients.

The participants attend a monthly meeting with a facilitator, with this year’s group led by a psychologist and cancer survivor.

All meetings are private and confidential. It is a peer-to-peer model, and the participants share stories for inspiration. They are also given exercise and nutrition information.

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