BP allocates funds for Owen-Dolen

The Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr., has allocated $ 500,000 in funding for the reconstruction of Owen Dolen Park, a vital part in the revitalization of Westchester Square. Photo by Kevin Heckman

Support for the revitalization of Westchester Square continues to stream in, with the Borough President on board for the upcoming improvements and changes.

During a walkthrough of Westchester Square on Monday, June 29, with Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., president of the Association of Merchants and Business Professionals of Westchester Square, John Bonizio, outlined the four-point plan for revitalization.

A major factor in this plan was the reconstruction of Owen Dolen Park and Recreation Center, which Bonizio once referred to as tree museum, used only as a pathway for the subway and bus stations rather than the town square and oasis it was meant to be.

In addition to the over $ 5 million secured through Councilman Jimmy Vacca and the Croton Mitigation funds for a total revamp of Owen Dolen Park and Recreation Center, Diaz Jr. has recently announced his $ 500,000 allocation for the reconstruction.

“The renovation of Owen Dolan Playground is an important component of the redevelopment of Westchester Square, and I am proud that my office is able to provide critical funding to move this project forward,” said Diaz Jr.

The first of two phases in its reconstruction, repairs to the recreation center, took off to a rocky start in April, with work being temporarily halted and resuming in May. The second phase, currently in design, is estimated for completion in 2011.

“The Borough President has put some of his capital money into the redesign of Owen Dolen Park, and since it is the centerpiece of the new Westchester Square Business Improvement District, we are very happy to have such significant support from the Borough President’s office,” said Bonizio. “Borough President Diaz has been an avid supporter of the revitalization of Westchester Square. We are hoping that the his example will encourage City Hall’s attention to this important project.”

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