Books gathered for Philippines

Can you imagine life without books? That would be hard for students and teachers at the Academy of Mount St. Ursula to do. In the United States we are fortunate to have books readily available. Even if we don’t have the means to buy our own books, we don’t have to go much further than our local public library to borrow them.

But what we take for granted is non-existent in remote areas of the Philippines.  In the Province of Samar, poverty reigns and thus so does illiteracy. Schools there have no libraries; there are no books or other reading materials for students to even look at and the teachers must teach without basic materials or resources.

Building Futures Together, Inc. is a charitable organization devoted entirely to fighting and eradicating poverty in the Philippines by providing books and other reading materials to the children and communities in Samar.  When school librarian Mary Knopp received their letter of appeal for books last month, the entire Mount St. Ursula community embraced the opportunity to help this worthwhile cause. 

On Friday, June 27, volunteers from Building Futures Together, Inc. came to the Academy of Mount St. Ursula and loaded a van with over 1000 books donated by students, teachers and staff members.

If you would like to donate any used leisure reading or school related books (including textbooks) contact Mary Knopp, Library Media Specialist at or call (718) 364-5353, ext. 225.

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