Boards on semi-Summer break

Some of the borough’s eastern and central Bronx community boards will be leaving some issues hanging while they adjourn for the summer months, while others hope to clear up important business at their final meetings this month.


At Community Board 10 in the east Bronx, district manager Kenneth Kearns stressed that “the office is open during the summer, and the staff works.”

“So, there aren’t any really unfinished issues,” he said, “there are just ongoing issues.”

Some of the most pressing ongoing issues CB 10 faces, said Kearns, are more police officers for the 45th Precinct, and improvements to buildings and services in area parks, including the Orchard Beach Pavilion the board wants turned into a performing arts center.

CB 10 chairman John Marano stressed that there is also a need for more Parks Enforcement in Ferry Point Park.


Community Board 11 district manager Jeremy Warneke said it will be business as usual during the summer break, with the board’s Morris Park office remaining open.

“There isn’t really anything that needs to be taken care of before summer,” he said. “At our June meeting we will be voting on amendments made to the language of our by-laws and that’s about it.”

Warneke said all members of the board have been re-appointed, and two new members— Keith Ramsey and Jose Vargas— added to the board.


Community Board 7 is still operating without its district manager, left vacant by Fernando Tirado since October, and it’ll be left without board chairman Paul Foster once the group adjourns for summer.
John DeSio, spokesman for the Borough President’s Office, said the board intends to find a manager between now and the next meeting on June 18th.

The board still has a few more months to mull over whether it wants to see the world’s largest ice skating rink, the Kingsbridge National Ice Center, constructed at the Kingsbridge Armory, as the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure has yet to begin.


Community Board 12 in Williamsbridge/Wakefield, the largest in the Bronx, has no major business on hand for its next meeting, but it still has its work cut out.

Members have to deal with the aftermath of the White Plains Road five-alarm fire that devastated businesses.

“Some have expressed a desire to stay in the neighborhood and hopefully they’ll be back,” said CB12 Chairman Fr. Richard Gorman.


The future look of Fordham Road East, home to auto shops and medical offices, has been at the top of Community Board 6’s agenda, with a city plan coming up for a vote that will allow for more affordable housing and businesses. The plan will be voted on at the final CB6 general board meeting June 12th.

CB6 District Manager Ivine Galarza hopes many Bronxites will abide by closing times for parks, often a source of trouble for the board that covers East Tremont, Belmont and West Farms. And though the board will be adjourned for the summer, it’s district office won’t be. Office hours will be Friday 9am to 5pm.


Meanwhile, Community Board 2, had no critical issues to be voted on during their last general board meeting, but has been combatting strip clubs and dangerous watering holes in the Hunts Point/Longwood area.

Two of three strip clubs in the area–Platinum Pleasures and El Coche– have been permanently shut down. All that remains is Club Eleven, a dangerous erotic club with a long history of violence.

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