Bloom Healthy launches first organic grocery pop-up in New Rochelle

A new organic pop-up recently opened in downtown New Rochelle, at 595 Main St., and offers organic fruits and vegetables for pickup at affordable prices.
Photo Westchester County

Bloom Healthy, an organic grocery pop-up, is on a mission to make access to organic fruits, vegetables and foods more affordable and available to everyone.

The Westchester-based social enterprise is offering organic boxes of groceries for pickup for yourself or someone else by selecting “Pay it Forward with Kindness” to buy a box for someone in need at checkout.

“I am excited to help the next generation bloom with organic fruits and vegetables.” said Marion Henson, founder and CEO of Bloom Healthy. “I am looking forward to working with everyone in the New Rochelle Community and all the opportunities to help.”

Bloom Healthy launched on July 14, operating from 11 5 p.m. The pop-up runs every Wednesday and Friday for the duration of the summer. The storefornt is located at 595 Main St., in downtown New Rochelle. Pick-ups are every Wednesday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

On her first day, there were already 40 online orders with half of them pay-it-forward boxes.

Henson chose New Rochelle to start her business because she is a graduate of the College of New Rochelle and connected with the neighborhoods in the city.

“I have a real love of the community,” she said. “I know there are different groups of people here in New Rochelle, from those who are food insecure and those who are not. I wanted to help wherever I could.”

The grocery pop-up will feature boxes of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and mushrooms. The Little Bloom Box is $35. You can choose to pick-up for yourself or Pay it Forward with Kindness. Visit to purchase or request a box.

“Ms. Henson’s business is more than a business,” Westchester County Executive George Latimer said. “It’s a community partnership … it’s heartwarming to see so many people taking to task the idea of helping others have nutritious meals.”

Henson’s vision for filling neighbors in need with food startign to take shape in November 2020 when she joined the county’s Launch1000 entreprenuer program, which is designed through federal COVID relief funds to take ideas and turn them into businesses.

And now that Bloom Healthy is up and running, its goal is food security and healthy, fresh food for all; healthy food equals a healthy lifestyle. Since food is medicine, Henson believes that everyone should have access to organic fruits and vegetables at an affordable cost all the time. That means if you experience a crisis or are still battling the various layers of the pandemic, you now will never have to worry about getting healthy options for yourself or your family.

For more information about Bloom Healthy and to purchase or request a “Bloom Box,” please visit

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