Bigger, better E. Tremont Patricia’s opens for business

(L-r) Gennaro Alaio, Sammy Rino, Giacomo Alaio, Antonio Alaio, Anthony Spinnelo Photo by Victor Chu

On Thursday, October 30, Patricia’s Pizza & Pasta moved two blocks down East Tremont. The ten-year-old Italian restaurant’s new location boasts a private party room, a remodeled kitchen and patron parking. At 4,500 square feet, it has doubled Patricia’s capacity to 170 diners.

“I never imagined we’d be here,” said Gennaro Aliao, who runs Patricia’s with Anthony Spinelli and Giacomo Aliao, his brother. “We’ve come a long way and it feels great.”

Patricia’s brick-oven pizzas and steaming pasta plates had become a popular neighborhood staple at its original 3764 E. Tremont. Location. Spinelli and the Aliao brothers completed the switch to 3883 E. Tremont overnight.

According to Gennaro Aliao, Patricia’s biggest fans have embraced the change.

“After two weeks, we’re hearing that the food is better than ever and that people are happy with the new atmosphere,” he said. “As for complaints – we haven’t heard a single one.”

Patricia’s bought the new building, a former Blockbuster Video, last year. Renovations began in March.

The building’s exterior is old-fashioned stucco. Patricia’s new dining area features exposed brick, high ceilings and painted concrete. The restaurant now offers wireless Internet.

“There’s no chandeliers or anything,” Spinelli said. “Nothing fancy – just that old family feel.”

Parking was a problem at 3764 E. Tremont. It won’t be two blocks south.

“Before, it was a disaster,” Gennaro Aliao said. “Now we’ve got Patricia’s parking, and street parking too.”

The restaurant’s cooks are pleased. They’re enjoying a modern kitchen five times bigger.

“We’re offering a whole bronzino [sea bass] cooked in the brick oven,” Gennaro Aliao said. “And of course, we’re still offering our signature seafood antipasto.”

“A lot of new faces,” Spinelli said. “But our customers followed us here. It goes to show – they really are family.”

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