Big Deal Helping Morris Park Parishes During Lent

After a simple fundraiser became a success last year, Big Deal Supermarket is once again helping parishes during the weeks of Lent.

The chapters of the National Association of the Holy Name Society of St. Francis Xavier and St. Clare of Assisi have once again joined Big Deal Supermarket on 1018 Morris Park Avenue to raise money for the parishes during the Easter season.

Last year, Martin Dolgow of the Holy Name Society at St. Francis Xavier approached Big Deal owner Miguel Garcia to develop a plan to raise money that could benefit both parishes during this tough economic time.

Ultimately, the Big Deal Shop and Drop was created, a fundraiser that would result in Big Deal Supermarket making a generous donation to help the parishes make repairs to its churches, schools, rectories, convents, as well as aid other parish projects.

The fundraiser, which began on Saturday, March 19 and will end on Easter Sunday, April 24, simply asks customers of Big Deal to drop their shopping receipts inside an empty jug inside the supermarket after they have finished shopping.

After the fundraiser is over, Big Deal will add up the total amount of money spent by customers from their receipts during that period and will then donate a percentage of the that total to help both parishes.

“This is absolutely terrific for these parishes because they really do so much for our community,” said Miguel Garcia. “The program is very easy, actually. All we ask is that our customers leave their receipts after they have finished shopping, and we will do the rest. We love to do this and our customers are very grateful as well.”

On Sunday, April 3, Garcia was joined by advocates of each parish, including St. Francis Xavier Pastor Fr. Matthew Furey and St. Clare’s Pastor Fr. Richard Guarnieri, to greet residents as they shopped.

Each parish received approximately $1,587 last year, and James Curran, president of the Holy Name Society at St. Clare’s, was excited to learn that the fundraiser was extended to five weeks this year, as opposed to the original two.

“The fact that the fundraiser has been extended is amazing,” Curran said. “Big Deal has been wonderful for our community, especially for our parishes.”

According to Garcia, Big Deal was more than happy to sponsor the fund-raiser again after its success last year, and hopes to keep it going as long as they can.

“It really is wonderful that Big Deal can do this, especially since the supermarket is centrally located between both parishes,” said Peter Ulrich of the St. Francis Xavier Holy Name Society. “It’s a very caring way for our local supermarket and families to help their parishes as they shop during the Easter season.”

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