Beth Abraham Services nurse named Caring Award winner

Alisa Higgins (r) is the winner of the statewide competition in the Caring Award category.

The Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation (CNR) announced that Alisa Huggins, community health nurse, is the winner of a statewide competition in the “Caring Award” category. CNR is a member of the Beth Abraham Family of Health Services, one of the largest not-for-profit healthcare organizations in New York State.

The competition, sponsored by Home Care Association of New York State (HCA), recognizes an individual in the healthcare industry who exhibits compassion, skills and services that sets their contribution apart from others. HCA, New York State’s premier home care association, represents more than 400 providers, individuals and associate members who collectively serve thousands of New Yorkers.

Specializing in caring for chronically ill individuals, including those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, Alisa provides the very best in home care. Her main objectives are to enable her patients to be medically compliant and to improve their quality of life.

Alisa has always taken a unique approach to caring for her patients.  For example, to help educate patients who cannot read, Alisa brings with her photos of fruits, vegetables, medications and even large anatomical charts on home visits.

 “With each nomination we receive for HCA’s Annual Awards, I am always struck by such exceptional stories of individual strength, compassion and dedication,” said HCA president Joanne Cunningham. “HCA is especially honored to recognize Alisa’s unparalleled commitment to her patients’ health needs, and to the strength of the nursing profession as a whole. The unique enthusiasm, determination and integrity Alisa brings to her work with chronically ill patients is a profound inspiration to us all.”

“Alisa is an excellent role model to other people working in home care. Her creativity, compassion, and positive attitude continue to demonstrate the critical role nurses play in the lives of their patients, their families, their doctors and the community at large,” offers Cecily Baker, vice president of home care, Beth Abraham Family of Health Services.  “And we’re so proud that others have also recognized Alisa’s outstanding contribution to home health care,” she adds.

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