Bed Bath & Beyond donates nearly 5,500 pounds of towels to New York hospitals

Bed Bath workers getting ready to deliver towels.
Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

Last week, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. announced a $10 million product donation of essential items to communities suffering health and economic impact of the pandemic.

Beyond medical grade supplies, those directly affected by the pandemic said they needed essential home items like towels, sheets and pillows according to Bed Bath & Beyond’s charity partner Good360. As their supplies were drained, one of the most requested items from the hospital system stayed consistent: towels.

Bed Bath & Beyond has donated approximately 5,482 pounds of towels to hospitals in the New York area. These towels were distributed across 13 hospitals in all five boroughs and used for a variety of purposes including the sanitation of medical items, drying patients after showers and appreciation gifts for hospital staff members.

One of the donations in particular to Jacobi Medical Center wrapped the towels in ribbon and included it in gift bags for head nurses, who worked overtime to keep up with the need as a result of COVID-19.

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