BCA adds new director

The Bronx Counsel on the Arts will be undergoing a change as the current executive director steps aside into a new position while bringing in some new blood.

After 30 years and much success as executive director of the BCA, on Friday, May 1, William Aguado will be stepping away from the day-to-day activities into a part-time presidential position.

“I feel strong, but it is time to bring in a younger generation as to not get dated and get old in business,” said Aguado. “It is important to know what the next generation’s issues are and how they interpret things. We will take that and use our services and programs to support the younger people.”

Despite the alteration, Aguado is certain the BCA will not lose its current purpose or direction, and he will continue contributing towards the opportunities and economic development provided by the non-profit organization.

“What was really special was meeting people of the Bronx and working with the staff and artists for so many years,” said Aguado. “It has been a fabulous experience and I still have a lot to offer, just in a different capacity.”

Joining the BCA family as the new managing director will be Deirdre Scott, a past board member at BCA, who will be leaving her current position as director of technology at The Studio Museum in Harlem.

As managing director, Scott will be working as part of a management team with Ed Friedman and Aguado.

“We want to continue all the programs and services we are currently offering and together strategize a plan to grow in the Bronx, especially given the economic challenges right now,” said Scott.

Scott will have her first official day on Tuesday, May 19, looking forward to all the exciting possibilities for the borough that lie ahead.

“I am so grateful for the experience I have had and look forward to my time at BCA,” said Scott. “I think the Bronx will continue to be a tremendous resource within the artistic community.”

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