BBC Galaxee grand opening set

BBC Galaxee grand opening set
BBC Galaxee has moved to 4253 Throgs Neck Expressway, near Edgewater Park.
Photo by Mike Fata

After serving Morris Park for 17 years, a popular sports card and collectible store now has a new clubhouse near Edgewater Park.

According to store owner, Mike Fata, the decision to move the store resulted from expense considerations.

Now located at 4253 Throgs Neck Expressway, near the Throgs Neck Bridge Bronx -bound toll plaza, BBC Galaxee offers enthusiasts a wide range of collectibles from sports cards and related memorabilia to non-athletic centric items such as vinyl action figures of popular pop culture characters and Disney’s ‘Frozen’ card packs among others.

BBC Galaxee’s currently resides in a cozy neighborhood setting, a far cry from the hustle and bustle of its former location on Morris Park Avenue.

Thenew store features a cozy 300 square feet interior housing sports merchandise, plaques, and even a Hall of Fame wall displaying over 100 sports cards depicting athletic superstars.

“I really love the new location for the store because it is almost like a little clubhouse and that is what any real sports card store should be like,” he said.

BBC Galaxee will be celebrating its grand opening on Saturday, May 16 from noon to 3 p.m., and will feature food, prizes and possibly some giveaways.

If interested, contact Fata at either (718) 828-5711 or

An official store website is under construction, but customers and hobbyists can follow the store on Twitter’s @Bbcgalaxee and Facebook’s BBC Galaxee Bronx.

He added future store-based events are still in the planning stages.

Fata’s shop first entered the media spotlight many years ago when a teenage boy purchased two packs of $5 sports cards and found two extremely rare certified authentically autographed sports cards together worth $500.

He explained customers will frequently discover such rarities hiding inside their recently purchased packs.

Since Galaxee’s relocation, he reports an autographed Kris Bryant gold refractor sports card worth $4,000 was discovered by one of his lucky customers.

Many of Fata’s loyal customers were instrumental in helping BBC Galaxee’s move by finding the location and continue their patronage with Fata despite having to travel.

An avid life-long sports collector, there is no denying Fata is passionate about this classic hobby.

“I often say to people I was born holding a baseball card,” Fata said in jest. “This is the best hobby in the world because there are a million different ways to collect sports cards and you don’t have to be rich, young, or an adult to get involved in this hobby either. It has a very welcoming fan base.”

He explained sports card packs range in prices from 50 cents to $10 and his business is doing well since relocating.

“They’re cards for every budget and anyone can get involved in this hobby whether they are casual collectors or of the more diehard set,” he said. “Parents have been giving their kids cards since they were first made many years ago and this hobby is helping to keep that time honored tradition alive and well.”

According to Fata, the newest generation has completely embraced this hobby with open arms.

A trademark of BBC Galaxee are unique promotions for children to obtain free sports cards.

These promotions include bringing in a good report card from school, entering the store wearing their little league uniform, telling Fata how they help their parents at home, and/or telling him their favorite player and explaining why he or she is considered their favorite.

BBC Galaxee is a proud sponsor of the Throgs Neck Little League.

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