Baptist Church forming a young male youth choir

Boys of the Bronx seeking an alternative to the streets have a new program as the Multi-ethnic Center for Youth, derived from the Bronx Christian Fellowship Baptist Church, is in the process of forming a young male youth choir known as BOYZ.

“We are trying to combat the dropout rate for boys in the Bronx,” said Reverend Susan Cook.  “We are working with the Eagle Academy for Young Men and developing positive alternatives for boys in the Bronx, where there are so very few places for boys to have a safe space and hang out with positive people.”

The Multi-ethnic Center for Youth recently formed a young female dance group, GRACE, which acts as a mentoring program in addition to performing arts group.

The teenage girls of GRACE are paired with professional women who can act as role models, giving the girls a positive influence in their lives.  Similarly, positive male role models will mentor the members of BOYZ.

“Community-based organizations are going to have to pick up the slack for kids who need to be exposed to the arts and the Bronx Christian Fellowship Church is going to try to bring harmony, hope and healing,” said Cook.  “We are going to have counselors that are gender specific, boys will learn from the men and girls from the women.” 

GRACE will be debuting along with the Harlem Hallelujah Gospel Choir and other performers during a show scheduled for the Apollo Theater on Sunday, December 14, at 3 p.m. 

“Right now our short-range goal is to get the girls ready for the December 14 concert,” said Cook, “and continue holding auditions for the boys so hopefully they will be able to debut soon.”

Following the Apollo debut, they hope to perform every second Sunday of the month to bring Christian entertainment to all who wish to enjoy, and eventually travel to other cities or countries.  Tickets for the show are on sale now at the Apollo Theater.

BOYZ currently has about five members, but hopes to reach at least a dozen, with auditions continuing by appointment for any interested males between the ages of 13 to 18. 

For more information on the Bronx Fellowship Christian Baptist Church, the Harlem Hallelujah Gospel Choir, BOYZ, or GRACE, contact or call (718) 231-1033.


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