Award-winning South Bronx restaurant creates new weekly ‘brunch party series’

Award-winning South Bronx restaurant creates new weekly ‘brunch party series’|Award-winning South Bronx restaurant creates new weekly ‘brunch party series’
Photo courtesy of Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen|Photo courtesy of Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen

Bronxites looking for a place to get some brunch, enjoy a soothing drink as well as take in some of the Bronx’s diverse history and culture might want to pay a visit to the south Bronx this coming weekend.

On Saturday, October 11, in Mott Haven , a new weekly party series is being started at the popular Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen. The restaurant, located on 112 Lincoln Avenue occupies the ground floor of the iconic red orange colored Clock Tower building and will be the venue for the soon-to-be weekly brunch party series known as ‘The BX Brunch.’

Robert Brown, co-founder of BRR Events explained that both he and Roxanne Belcher had a clear vision and reason behind establishing these series in the south Bronx due in part to the lack of such brunch centric parties here. Currently, these type of celebratory events are a more common staple in the city, namely within the more considerably “trendy” neighborhoods and districts as SOHO or the Meatpacking District among others.

“We started these series because we saw a need for them here in the Bronx,” Brown said.

The BX Brunch is about much more than just food. Brown revealed the series’ mission is creating a party-like atmosphere for people to enjoy each others company while also harking back to the Bronx’s cultural roots.

Scheduled for this Saturday’s upcoming premiere, The BX Brunch will have a live musical performance by DJ Menyus and the event will serve as a means of paying tribute to the Bronx’s history of being the originator of the Hip Hop music genre and movement. DJ Menyus has been a professional DJ for over 20 years and is also a localresident. This party will be held on Lincoln Avenue, near the restaurant. Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen will also serve almost as a sort of “after party” venue once the main party ends.

“It’s sort of like a day party with food, Mimosas, and Bloody Marys,” Brown said. “It runs from noon to 6 p.m., but the party doesn’t stop there. It will continue over at Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen.”

Brunch party goers will be able to sample many of the delicious dishes served at these series including, but not limited to such signature cuisine items like Jacksborro Chicken Benny and Waffles and The Bronx Bomber Steak and Eggs. Brown explained guests will be able to order from Charlie’s full brunch menu, prepared by Joshua Bedford, the restaurant’s chef.

For a fee of $15, guests at the brunch party event can indulge themselves with a two-hour unlimited drinks brunch with their meals. Drinks include Mimosas, Screwdrivers, and even Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen’s popular Ultimate Bloody Mary. In addition to this, the Champagne bar is also available should guests desire to partake in sparking wine orders instead. The mixers featured run the spectrum from chocolates to fresh juices.

Brown explained how BRR and Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen came together to create The BX Brunch series.

“We met Charlie by chance a month ago and really hit it off,” he said. “The community seems really excited for this event and we are, too.”

He also expressed the possibility of incorporating some different elements into this weekly party.

“It’s going to be a fun time with like-minded people,” Brown said. “In the future, we’ll probably bring in some extra elements and get the guests more involved as well.”

Many ideas were suggested, including the possibility of having brunch party goers participate in a masquerade party, but only time will tell if these ideas do in fact become incorporated. Details to follow as they develop.

The restaurant will be the venue for this Saturday’s upcoming ‘he BX Brunch,’ a weekly noontime party series.
Photo courtesy of Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen