Assemblyman Jose Rivera could have petition headache


Bob Press who puts out the called us up Monday all excited, saying Assemblyman Jose Rivera might be knocked off the September 13 primary ballot line.

Seems Rivera’s petitions list Bob’s former political cohort and current male State Committeeman Ricky Martinez as an alternate Judicial Delegate.

According to Press, Martinez made it clear to Jose he was running against him for both Jose’s 78th Assembly District and district leader’s seats in Fordham/Bedford Park, and did not want his name on Jose’s petitions.

We got mixed opinions on this one, with one respected election lawyer (no name, please) saying Ricky could have a case. “Now Ricky has to put up or shut up.”

But attorney Jerry Goldfeder, who wrote THE BOOK on election law, said he doesn’t see it as any big deal challenge-wise.

We shall see….

Oh, and BTW, Jose’s petitions are carrying his city councilman son Joel’s name as the NEW candidate running for male State Committeeman.


We’re siding with Queens Councilman Peter Vallone on this one, who’s opposing west Bronx Councilman Fernando Cabrera’s bill allowing naming city bridges and landmarks after persons still alive.

Cabrera wants to name the Willis Ave. Bridge after former mayor David Dinkins, while Vallone fought naming the Queensborough/59th Street Bridge for still-breathing ex-mayor Ed Koch.

Peter paid the price, with Council Speaker and mayoral wannabe Christine (Rosie O’Donnell) Quinn slicing his district funding for DARING to oppose her.

And hey, if they’re gonna rename the Willis Ave. Bridge, it should be after that action movie guy, Bruce….



Bronx state Senator Jeff Klein could wind up “de facto leader” of the senate with his four-member Independent Democratic Conference, predicts Bronx GOP Boss Jay Savino, if the Republicans lose a seat or two in November, once again leaving it evenly split 31-31.

Savino said that after interviewing Jeff and two other candidates, the GOP will be putting Jeff on it’s ballot line in the Sept. primary.


Just to keep the Dem primary interesting, a bunch of challengers without much particular clout are running up-hill races.

Many-to-most are out of perennial candidate Richie Soto’s Rising Voices Coalition.

Soto himself is challenging west Bronx assemblyman Nelson Castro, and unlike previous races where he’s dropped out before the end (against Pedro Espada for his then-state Senate seat), Rich swears he ain’t dropping out this time – if his petitions survive legal challenge.

If history is any judge, legal challenges to their petitions will see most of the challengers knocked off the ballot. And the lawyers get rich….


We apologize for spanking our original source who had us printing that Party Boss Carl Heastie was going to back Supreme Court Justice Darcel Clark for the Bronx Surrogate’s job. Turns out our source WAS right, but then Carl switched candidates and went with Acting Supreme Court Justice Nelida Malave-Gonzalez. Something to do with a political power broker/close friend of Gonzalez’s stepping in to change Carl’s mind, we hear….


Add political neophyte Adam Bermudez’ name to perennial candidate Irene Rukaj’s, filing nominating petitions for absentee Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera’s seat.

In the interest of fair and balanced, Adam’s a former reporter at the Times Reporter. Seems like a decent kid. Why he’d want to cross over to the Dark Side we have no idea….


No sooner did we recently write that the NYPD’s Operation Impact rookies are spending more time riding around in vans, than bosses were laying out the street/crime activity maps for them to hit the pavement.



We hear hardworking east Bronx Councilman Jimmy Vacca sacrificed a big chunk of funding for other worthy local projects to make sure the Throggs Neck Houses and the Pelham Parkway Houses where 88-year old Sylvia Shapiro was slain, got the money for security cameras.

Our cop sources tell us they have a “person of interest” in the murder, but as one long-time detective boss who dealt with Bronx D.A. Rob Johnson told us, “The D.A. wants a conviction before he’ll bring an indictment.”


Thanks to Jack from VanCortlandt Village pointing out that Councilman Fernando Cabrera supported Congressman Charlie Rangel, NOT Adriano Espaillat, who supported Cabrera when he ran for his west Bronx seat.


Facebook bud George Molé couldn’t resist hitting a book signing for “Good Times” actor/comedian Jimmie Walker (AKA J.J. “Dyn-O-Mite!” Evans). George notes Jimmy’s a Bronx guy – Melrose Houses, Roosevelt High School.


Actor Richard Castellano (1933-1988), Clemenza in The Godfather – “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.”

Actor Wesley Snipes, July 31, 1962.

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