Armored car robbed on Third Avenue, FBI searching for two suspects

Armored car robbed on Third Avenue, FBI searching for two suspects
Surveillance footage of the two suspects saught by the FBI.
Photo courtesy of the FBI

A manhunt continues for those involved in an armored-truck robbery on Third Avenue and East 155th Street.

The incident took place shortly before 8 a.m. on Thursday, November 10 in front of David’s Check Cashing at 3015 Third Avenue. According to FBI reports, two individuals approached a Rapid Armored truck guard, who was making a cash delivery inside the store, and demanded money. One of the suspects was brandishing a silver handgun, the FBI said. A struggle ensued that resulted in one of the guards firing shots. The suspects then made off with the bag of about $100,000 in cash, heading west on East 155th Street. Bullet holes were left in both a nearby store and a city bus.

The F.B.I. is seeking two individuals in the case. One is described as a black male, about 50 years old with graying facial hair, slim build and around 6 feet tall. He was last seen in surveillance footage wearing a black jacket, jeans and black boots. The second was wearing a reflective orange vest in the footage, similar to those worn by MTA workers, and jeans. He is described as a black male around 40 years old and under 6 feet.

An NYPD officer called armored car robberies in the area “very rare.” Miraculously, no bystanders were seriously injured.

Abdel Akaaboune was working behind the counter at Four Brothers Deli Grocery, just steps from the check cashing store, when he said he heard “about six shots.

“I heard the shots around 8 a.m.,” Akaaboune said. “Somebody told me they saw a guy with a bag running.”

Akaaboune was left rattled by the incident. “Especially once I saw that bullet hole,” he said, motioning to the one that went through the window of a store on the opposite side of Third Avenue. “It could have been right here.”

The case is being handled by the FBI because a weapon was involved. The FBI is offering a “significant” reward for any tip that helps break the case.

“We are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying these suspects and bringing them to justice,” supervisory special agent Barbara Daly said in a statement.

Anyone with information is asked to call (212) 384-1000.”

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