Apartment building to have duplexes

A clapboard work fence (above), located at 3427 Bruckner Boulevard, now abuts a private home next door. Plans for the site call for the construction of a 22-unit, six story apartment building to replace the lot’s previous private home. - Photo by Walter Pofeldt

The changing landscape of a stretch of Bruckner Boulevard in Pelham Bay has residents wondering what the project’s total impact will be to the neighborhood.

The recent demolition of a 2-family house at 3427 Bruckner Boulevard, and work now underway on a new apartment building, has many concerned.

The site in question, zoned R7-1, permits the construction of apartment buildings, with two such buildings already abutting the block at the Roberts Avenue and Middletown Road corners.

Two different developers tore down three of the block’s seven private homes, and currently have two separate construction projects in various stages of development.

Many speculate the vast tangle of different partnerships developing the street’s two properties lead back to the same principals. Both plans for 3427 Bruckner, and its sister property closer to Roberts Avenue, have similar partial duplex apartment layouts, which is unusual for the area.

 The plans for 3427 Bruckner Boulevard call for the construction of a 22-unit, six-story apartment building to replace the lot’s previous private home. 

The new development drew the ire of one local elected official, who is aggressively seeking to limit new building projects in size and scope. 

“Bruckner Boulevard between Roberts and Middletown is zoned for apartment buildings, so no matter what, something is going to be built there,” Councilman Jimmy Vacca said.  “That said, we want to make sure that whatever goes up, first of all, follows all the zoning rules and secondly, does not have a negative impact on the surrounding area.”

A spokesperson for Vacca added that there are a number of homeowners on Parkview Avenue, the block behind the construction site, who are worried the new building will cast a shadow over their homes and backyard lots.

While many are applauding Vacca’s efforts, one of the developers in the partnership at 3427 Bruckner feels he’s getting a bad rap before construction even starts.

Joseph Patrera urged residents to reserve their judgment until they see the completed project.

“When the construction goes on, people can look at the plans and appreciate the building for what it is,” Patrera said. “So far the plans are going along smoothly, and I would like to keep it that way.”

Patrera wouldn’t comment on whether the development would involve rental apartments or condominiums. He was, however, upset about recent local news coverage, which he feels paints a negative view of developers overall.

Said Patrera: “Every time the Bronx Times Reporter does a story on the front page [regarding development], I get 100 phone calls.”

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