Another accident at DOT-neglected intersection

Still another crash at the corner of Ampere and Stadium avenues totaled two cars, including a brand new 2008 Honda, on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 9. Photos by Patrick Rocchio

In what neighbors say has become a common occurrence, another accident occurred at a busy intersection in Spencer Estate.

The accident occurred on Tuesday, September 9 as a 1997 Geo Metro and a 2008 Honda CRV collided with one another at Ampere and Stadium avenues in the afternoon at approximately 2:45 p.m.

Air bags in both vehicles deployed, and the operator of the Geo Metro left the scene in an ambulance.

According to eyewitnesses, the gentleman driving the Geo Metro on Ampere Avenue was heading towards Ohm Avenue when he collided with a northbound Honda that failed to stop at Stadium Avenue.

“It looks like the car is totaled,” said Pete Falcetti, owner of one of the cars in question. “I would like to see another stop sign on this street.”

Stadium Avenue already has two stop signs at the intersection of Ampere Avenue, but security concerns continue to plague the area.

The community has requested a 4-way stop sign at the intersection, but the NYC Department of Transportation has not responded affirmatively.

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