Animal communicator brings kitty home

Animal communicator brings kitty home

On the evening of March 18, a City Island cat decided to explore the outdoors. Unfortunately it took falling four flights for her journey to begin.

Bobbi Frank panicked when she saw her two and a half year old feline jump from her terrace that night. Not knowing what to do, she immediately called friends to begin a search.

For four hours, to no avail, the group skewered the parking lot, adjacent streets and even the roof.

That’s when Frank called Tim Link, an animal communicator with Wagging Tales, an Interspecies Communication organization.

Link first noticed his ability to communicate with animals in 2004, and has been bridging the gap between animals and their human companions ever since.

Upon receiving a photo of the feline, along with detailed information about her health and physical address, Link immediately went to work.

While he said channeling an animal could be particularly difficult, especially if they’re scared or unwilling to cooperate, this kitty was up for a chat.

“If anything, I know my Madison would want to communicate with me,” Frank said.

And she did.

“She was somewhat confused, but in good health,” Link said. “She told me she jumped out of the window because she was curious about what was outside.”

Unfortunately for Madison, it wasn’t as great as she though it would be.

Using Madison’s tastes and smells, along with her answers to a series of questions, through the process of map dowsing Link was able to pinpoint her approximate location.

“During the day she was out scrounging around,” he said, adding she came closer to the apartment building to sleep, nestling herself deep in some bushes for protection.

“Madison said she wanted to come home,” Link explained. “It was then Bobbi told me that she knew of a male feral cat that was a bully, and he hung around the apartment complex where she lived.”

Following Link’s instructions, Frank set a humane trap for the male cat, and upon his capture, took him to be neutered.

“So I projected it out to Madison that it was safe to come home,” Link said.

Sure enough, she came back the following day in good health, but very thin. 

Frank said she’s so grateful to the community and Link for his gift that brought her kitty home. “I do think he was instrumental in finding her.”

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