‘American Idol of the Bronx’ coming to Union Crossing

‘American Idol of the Bronx’ coming to Union Crossing|‘American Idol of the Bronx’ coming to Union Crossing
Artwork for It’s The Bronx.
Courtesy of Round 7 Media

By Alex Mitchell

Something big is coming, and ‘It’s The Bronx’ on Saturday, January 26. The borough’s most innovative and collaborative minds have come together to establish an event series the last Saturday of each month, to proudly showcase the talent and innovative spirit that embodies our borough by way of music, art, and food.

Designed by Round 7, a Bronx exclusive media company, It’s The Bronx will be an opportunity for select Bronxites to showcase their own creative artistic, musical and culinary talents in front of a live audience with a chance to win career-changing packages in their respective fields, such as pro-recording studio time, distribution deals, solo shows, public relations packages and mentorships.

The team in charge of the ‘American Idol of the Bronx’ is made up of: Marco Shalma, Amaurys Grullon, Jerome Lamaar and Jalen Andux.

Shalma is the executive director of Round 7 and he’s the mind responsible for the continuing success of the Bronx Night Market, which served as some inspiration to green light this new project.

“We want to promote anybody serious about their craft, there’s so much talent here but it can be tough connecting it to the community,” Shalma said, mentioning his goal of creating a community network to promote the Bronx’s best that haven’t been given a platform just yet.

“It’s about creating a scenario for people to succeed,” the creator added.

Grullon is the person in charge of Bronx Native, a clothing store that promotes Bronx culture at 127 Lincoln Avenue.

He’s also promoting It’s The Bronx as the event series’ marketing director.

“It’s so important to give a platform to so many talented and creative people, especially from the Bronx,” he said adding that his brand is all about promoting the borough’s best.

Lamaar is a clothing designer and lifestyle futurist that hails from Pelham Bay.

Beyonce is just one of many A-list celebrities that he’s designed for.

Andux is the founder of ESCAPE2NY, another Bronx-based media company, he’s also a self made event producer that promotes arts for his native borough.

This team will sift through the hundreds of creative applicants that have already been received, to determine who will get a chance to vie for a chance to perform and win the jackpot prize at stake.

It’s The Bronx will debut at the Union Crossing building at 825 E. 141st Street in Port Morris.

That building is a seven floor, repurposed warehouse that’s being filled with creative tenants that also showcase the Bronx’s best.

The inaugural, free It’s The Bronx show, was sold out in the first few hours after being publicized.

“This is something you can only do in the Bronx,” Shalma said. “This is the greatest collaboration in Bronx history,” he proudly boasted.

To get on the waitlist for the inaugural or future It’s The Bronx shows, go to www.itsthebronx.com/.

Marco Shalma.
Courtesy of Round 7 Media

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