Amadeus produces on Chris Brown’s no. 1 album

Amadeus produces on Chris Brown’s no. 1 album|Amadeus produces on Chris Brown’s no. 1 album
Album artwork for “Indigo.”
Chris Brown

The Amadeus of uptown has officially produced for a number one album. Antwan J. Thompson of Washington Avenue is adding to his collection of platinum recordings with his newest track ‘Take A Risk’ on Chris Brown’s album, ‘Indigo.’

Brown’s 32-track mega album has been streamed over 98 million times since its recent release on Friday, June 28 with Take A Risk receiving a sizeable chunk of those hits so far.

This, though, is one of the many times that Amadeus has collaborated with the R&B guru to crank out some of the best beats in the game.

“Chris Brown calls me at times to just give me some ideas of what he’s working on and says “make me a beat for that,” Amadeus said.

One of his favorite albums to produce on with Brown was ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon,’ where Amadeus bounced nine of its tracks.

“I am blessed to come as far as I have. Don’t get me wrong, there’s much more I want to be doing, especially for the Bronx,” he said a few months ago.

In that time he’s made it a mission to continue giving to his home borough through music, inspiration and much more.

Amadeus was even honored at the Queens Youth Music Festival at Citi Field on Sunday, July 21 for his work in production.

Most of his Sundays are spent westward as a resident drummer for Drais Nightclub in Las Vegas.

To learn more about Amadeus’ music and future plans for Bronx philanthropy, follow his Instagram at amadeusbpm.

Amadeus outside of his old Washington Avenue home.

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