Amadeus chosen to lead music leadership conference panel

Amadeus drumming at Drais nightclub in Las Vegas.
Sammy Dean

One of the Bronx’s and perhaps the nation’s most talented music producers will be paneling The Leadership Music Conference and Showcase at Manhattan’s Zanger Hall on Sunday, June 30.

Washington Avenue’s own Antwan J. Thompson, better known by his stage name, Amadeus, will be breaking down the multi-faceted music business to a standing-room-only venue filled with aspiring producers, singers and musicians, sharing his own personal experiences in the industry.

Those experiences include becoming a multiplatinum recording artist, taking over as director of music and the live-performance drummer for rapper Trey Songz, recording tons of tracks for Chris Brown, in addition to making the theme song for ESPN’s First Take while additionally recording similar pieces for the soon-to-air BX Express with Alex Mitchell show on BronxNet.

Amadeus’ mantra that’s led to his own astonishing success in music is to pass the rope down and help others following a similar path.

“That’s what my Bronx upbringing showed me, that it’s up to me to be a light to others and guide them,” he said.

In the past he’s hosted events for his neighbors living on Washington Avenue and East 169th Street called Amadeus Comes Home, in which he brought other producers and artists like Tony Sunshine to the Bronx, showing youngsters how to produce and explain what it takes to make it in the music world.

To learn more about The Leadership Music Conference and Showcase plus more about Amadeus, his tracks and associated acts, visit his Instagram at amadeusbpm.

Information regarding the music conference.

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