Allerton Ave. graffiti vandal nabbed two times in 10 days

Local resident Joshua Lopez, 18, has been caught making graffiti twice in a week, once here on Matthews Avenue. - Photo by Walter Pofeldt

A local 18 year old just won’t learn his lesson, and has recently brought a youth along in his criminal escapades. 

Over the course of a week, Joshua Lopez, of 735 Mace Avenue, was arrested twice for vandalizing his own community with graffiti.

On Thursday, May 29 at 9 a.m., Police Officers Andrew Jones and Kevin Olmeda on a routine patrol arrested 18 year old Joshua Lopez who, while walking his dog, was seen doing graffiti on the window of Chase Bank, located at 742 Allerton Avenue, with shoe polish.

The following week, Lopez turned to a different graffiti instrument for his mischief and a new more impressionable accomplice. 

On June 3rd at 3:30 pm near 2427 Matthew Avenue, a local resident called 911, reporting that two young men were making graffiti on a lamppost. One was described as a younger teenager, while the other was older. 

Police Officer Craig Ravitch responded to the radio run, and promptly went to the scene, where he saw the individuals fitting the description of the caller.

Along with Lopez, a 14-year-old minor, whose named cannot be released, was also arrested,.

Lopez was found in possession of a black Sharpie marker and a brown paper bag with his tag written on it.  

The duo was charged with making graffiti, possession of graffiti making instruments and criminal mischief.   

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