Albanian first lady visits Mother Teresa Way

The Albanian first lady visited Mother Teresa Way on Lydig Avenue on Sunday, April 25, paying tribute to the great Albanian humanitarian.

The visit by Dr. Liri Berisha, wife of Albanian prime minster Sali Berisha, was a watershed moment for the large Pelham Parkway Albanian community.

The community had a one-block stretch of Lydig Avenue named for Albanian born Mother Teresa last year with the help of Councilman James Vacca.

Berisha is vising New York City to promote the Mother Theresa Museumslated for construction in the Albanian capital of Tirana. She is president of the Museum’s Honor Committee.

“I think the first lady of Albania coming to Pelham Parkway, and especially Mother Teresa Way, represents a landmark visit,” Vacca said.

“Mother Theresa was of Albanian descent and she is revered in Albania, but I named that street Mother Theresa Way because she is revered around the world.”

A large number of Albanians have become successful merchants, building owners and managers, and businesspeople in the Bronx. The visit by their first lady was a day of enormous pride for this vital Pelham Parkway community.

“We were honored and humbled by her presence with her trip the Bronx to visit Mother Thearsa Way and spend time with the families and business leaders,” said Mark Gjonaj, the owner of Morris Park Realty Group at 970 Morris Park Avenue. “It reveals what a truly giving person Dr. Bershia is.”

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