Agents guard own vehicles on Westchester Square

It appears someone has decided to prey on NYPD Traffic agents. Now the agents are guarding their personal cars, which hog valuable parking spaces along a stretch of Westchester Square, on the taxpayer’s dollar.

For the past few weeks, according to eyewitnesses, at least two agents have been assigned to watch over both official traffic agent vehicles and their personal vehicles parked along St. Raymond Avenue between Benson Street and Williamsbridge Road.

According to the agency the agent’s have encountered several instances of vandalism directed at their personal vehicles.

“In recent weeks, marked department vehicles have been vandalized,” said NYPD Sergeant Carlos Nieves. “Most recently, on two separate occasions, nails were thrown under the tires of parked department vehicles.”

According to Westchester Square merchant leader John Bonizio, the traffic agents are taking up between 15 and 30 spaces in the two block stretch from their command.

“They are walking back and forth all day long and not issuing any tickets,” Bonizio said. “People cannot park in any of the spaces because there is no turnover. Meanwhile, there is a vacant parking lot for rent on Blondell Avenue and St. Raymond Avenue that could be

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