After a decade, friendly hair care businesses team up

After a decade, friendly hair care businesses team up|After a decade, friendly hair care businesses team up
Back in 2009, Christie Macli (l.) and Francesca Falciano donated prom haridos and manicures to several lucky Lehman High School students.

Two friendly competitors have joined their hair styling businesses together in an arrangement that they say should benefit their customers.

For more than a decade, Christie Macli and Francesca Falciano had their own salons, Christie’s Body Shoppe at 3189 East Tremont Avenue and Falciano’s Creative Images, diagonally across the street from one another in Waterbury-LaSalle.

What could easily have been a recipe for fierce rivalry instead became a deep professional respect that led to a rewarding friendship.

After Falciano sold her salon, Macli offered her a chair at her salon, which she accepted without batting an eye.

“We hit it off right away when we met ten years ago,” said Macli, reflecting on the time when Falciano came across the street and introduced herself shortly after purchasing Creative Images.

“It was meant to be. After ten years we are now working together,” said Macli. “The clients love her, and we are very happy that Francesca is here.”

Falciano said that she and Macli quite often discussed business, and shared advice and trade information over the years.

“I felt really comfortable coming here,” said Falciano, adding that even her customers are really excited.

“They are able to enjoy additional services like waxing and eyebrows,” said Falciano, adding that she previously worked mostly alone in her own business, and now is in a beautiful space and feels part of a small ‘family’ at the salon.

In 2009, Macli and Falciano teamed up in a charitable effort to provide prom hairdos and manicures to several lucky Lehman High School students, according to a Bronx Times article.

For more information about Christie’s Body Shoppe, a full service unisex salon, call (718) 293-4360.

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Today, Macli (l) and Falciano are teaming up to provide high quality hair care to the community at Christie’s Body Shoppe.
Photo courtesy of Christie’s Body Shoppe / Francesca Falciano

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