Affordable housing developer provides meals for Bronxites

L+M Development Partners, an affordable housing developer in the Bronx, is working with its management company to provide meals to tenants across the region.

To date, L+M has teamed with its partners, elected officials and tenant leaders to distribute 656 meals at their 441-unit Baychester property in the Northeast Bronx.

BronxWorks has been a key partner with L+M throughout the pandemic in providing Baychester residents with food assistance. Prior to COVID-19, BronxWorks worked with L+M to offer social services to residents at Baychester.

“The Baychester residents association, led by Sandra Gross, has been instrumental in identifying any residents that need a helping hand right now,” said Yasmin Cornelius, vice president of community affairs at L+M Development Partners and C+C Apartment Management.  “Additionally BronxWorks, an L+M’s existing community partner, has been vital in organizing meals and ensuring that high-risk residents, like seniors, can stay home and minimize contact with others during the pandemic.”

L+M has also worked with Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, Senator Jamaal Bailey, Councilman Andy King, Fresh Direct and City Harvest to provide food assistance and distribute meals at the development.

L+M has a robust network of non-profit and community partners in the areas they serve, including in The Bronx. Those connections allowed the company to easily transition and connect Baychester residents to food resources.

“During this time of high unemployment more New Yorkers are facing food and financial insecurity,” Heastie said.  “Baychester Houses, as well as several other NYCHA developments here in the northeast Bronx, are home to thousands, who have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.  By partnering with organizations like L+M Development Partners, Fresh Direct and Uber, we have been able to bring some assistance in the form of food and water, to the most vulnerable populations in our community.”

Many people are struggling to access the food they need. L+M is bridging the gap with this program and providing their tenants with critical assistance, dropping meals off directly at residents’ doors, so that residents can remain in their homes.

“Through the COVID-19 crisis, BronxWorks is committed to the residents of Baychester and Murphy,” stated John Weed, assistant executive director, BronxWorks. “In addition, thanks to our partners at City Harvest, we have been able to deliver over 400 pantry bags of emergency food to those in need. BronxWorks will continue to connect the residents to necessary resources during the pandemic and thereafter.”


In December 2018, Cross Bronx Preservation LLC, a joint venture between NYCHA, MBD Community Housing Corporation, Camber Property Group and L+M Development Partners, closed on the recapitalization and renovation of a 722-unit public housing portfolio comprising NYCHA’s Baychester and Murphy Houses.

The ongoing $90 million rehabilitation will address the properties’ physical needs from top to bottom. This includes the renovation and repair of windows and façades, landscaped green spaces and new playgrounds, new boilers, security cameras, replaced roofs, new kitchens and bathrooms for each unit as well as other necessary upgrades to shared building facilities, such as elevators and community spaces.

To promote sustainability, the 441-unit Baychester property will receive solar panels, and the 281-unit Murphy property will receive new backup generators.