AFC Rapid Soccer Week 7 play

Autumn weather is upon us and the cool down is welcomed by players of AFC. The highlights are as follows:

The hive was buzzing at Frank Bees and they “stung” Milea Auto Sales, 3-1. The queen bees were Nicole Soares (2) and Emma Meaney (1) with an assist from drone, Nick Leone. Other workers on the offense were Erika Janney, Meaghan Mcormack and Nikki Spinola. Protecting the hive were Carlo Fine, Chris Mercalo, Gino Irizarry,Briana Cicalo, Frank Ramundo and Eric Dimarco, keeper.

Teresa’s Ices “froze out” Fusion Fitness, 1-0. In a tight one, the trainers lost, but stellar performances “O”, August Feliciano, Joseph D’Arqueio and Billy Gilbert and “D”, Rebecca D’Aloia and Kiani Alicea.

Schuyler Hill continued their unbeaten season “declawing” Bear Bus, 4-0. Jake Torres (2), Joe O’Keefe (1) and Louis Vegliante (1) accounted for the scoring. The funeral directors were Angelo Ejili, Leana Eugene and Michael Zeolla. The grave-diggers on defense were Luca Policichio.

The yacht men of Locust Point “cut a rug” on Silvestri Carpet, 6-1. The officers were James Omowale (3), Solomon Kone (2) and Jahlani Samuel (1). Top mates were Austin Cottam, Ryan Daly and Nick Garcia. The yeomen on defense were Liamnuebauer and Justin Ramos.

The counter men at Crosstown Diner did not serve Ann Clair’s Deli defeating tem, 5-0. Leading the “O” were Nico Nonis (2),, Matthew Khan (2) and Alanna Martins (1). The bus staff were Christopher Guarino, Emily Gaudio and Amanda Caputo. The clean-up crew were Alyssa Malave, Victor DiPerro, Me Michael Ianncitto and Joseph Martins. Angelise Rosario pitched a shutout in the net.

The 3rd Ave Plumbers played hide & seek with Peek-a Boo Child Care, 3-1. Briana Nocaj and Frank Menona pushed the offense leading to a hat trick by Amber Caputo. Flushing the pipes on “D” were Ryan Laina, Ryan Deluca and Patrick Hehir.

OLA out played Throgs Neck Clipper, 2-1. The low scoring match was highlighted by Mike Wicks, first half goal and Dan Manz, second half goal. Other stand outs were Mike Janny and Keeper, Kyle Williams.

Westchester-Bronx OB/GYN tied Capt. Mikes Diving, 1-1. A great crossing pass in the box from Karina Maythaler led to the lone goal for Westchester-Bronx from Tony Ann Monte. Controlling rhe midfield were Olivia Selpolveda, Angela Nunez,Disliani Almonte and Celine Herrera. Sweeper, Alexandra Casablanca controlled the defensive unit of Jennifer Colon, Kimberley Hartman and Samantha Lopez. Camille Prete had 3 magnificent saves in net.

Lasting Impressions “out lasted” American A-1 Auto, 5-1. The scoring was supplied by Amanda Civetta, Jaheer Samuels and Brian Waters the hat trick. The supporting cast were Ashley Pacheco, Martine Cioffi, Loriano Cioffi, Severino Avelino, Jack Costa, Tiffany Gonzalez, Gabriel Torres and Alexander Vulcano.

Barino’s Market defeated Porco’s Public, 3-1. The lone goal for Porco’s was scored by Esteban Rivera. Offensive support from Ruben Concepion and Frank Turul. The “D” came from Johan Severin, Arianna Villani and Jason Locicero.

Finest Auto Body “dented” Seal Tite Builders, 5-0. Sabrina D’Ancona (3), Nicole Kibler (1) and Mary Kate Connolly (1) supplied the dents. Siobhan Flattery and Danielle Kibler buffed the finished work.

C I Construction blew the pirates of Caribe Corp out of the water, 4-1. A total team effort led to goals by Leo Kibler, Michael Kroner, Michael Gugliotta and Dino Esposito. The goals of Kibler and Esposito were assisted by midfielder, Emily Herrera. Adam Buckley was another deciding factor in the midfield. Jonathan Neill, sweeper, orchestrated the defense of Arial Weiberlain, Christina Todino and Cabrina Servedio. Bailou Diallo played great in goal. The lone Pirate goal came on a penalty kick from Alexis Candelario. Other strong performances from Frank Gaudio, William Almanzar and Antonia Mancini.

Soma Health Center “flexed their muscles” over Intern national Caterers, 3-2. Top body builders were Danielle Peters (2) and Mike Hangan (1). The spotters were Peter Wiehler and Alyssa Schettino ( great game). Strong defensive game from Brenden Mullins, Antonella Salvatino and Michael Powers. Internationally Renowned scorers were Charley Ann Casales and John Ojeda. Strong showings from Deborah Teran, Matthew Perrone, Raelynn Purcell, James Leidy, Kira Villegas and Emily Nugent.

The Olympic athletes from Edgewater fiddled while Fiddlers Elbow burned, 5-1. Stoking the flames were Kyle Brandstetter (2), Allyssa Hill (1), Connor Ninavaggi (1) and Brian Kimmel, who was assisted by his brother, Aidan, serving double duty in net with Tommy Marley. Other stellar showings from Breanna Brown, Brandon Cruz, Peter Shadwidk, DJ Byrne, Amy Riker, Caitlyn Brown and Rock DelFranco. Top violinists were Fabian Romano (1), Rudy Etzel and Austin Manly.

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