AFC Rapid Soccer highlights: Week 2

On Sunday, September 14, Al-Boro Security Inc. Bantams’ soccer team played an excellent well fought game against P. Wynne, Attorney. Although they lost 3-1, they battled the entire game, playing through the hot sun.

The weather at Cintron Field was perfect as the hurricanes surged in the Southern United States, and the matches went off without a hitch. The highlights are follows:

Carrikko Construction built a wall around American A-1 defeating them, 4-0. laying the bricks were Dan Kimmel (2), Gabriello Giordano (1) and Francesco Perry (1).Carrying the mortar were James Dundon, Ray McCann and Juston McConville.

The counter-men at Vito’s Deli would not service Annunziata’s Inc.winning, 5-0. Manning the slicing machines were Steven Von Kessel (2), his brother and sister, Chris & Jessica and Anthony Russo, with one goal each. The set-up players were Julia Maher, Elias Prader and Blaise Narcisco. Holding the line were Drew Cottam, Patrick Baumgartner, Julian Pilla and Brittney Peters in netg.

After a scoring slump in week 1, C.I. Contracting “drove past” ” Milea Auto Sales, 2-1. The first two goals of the season were scored by Michael Kroeder and Leo Kibler, Jr. The stellar offense was played by dam Buckley, Dino Esposito, Emily Herrera and Grace Doino. The defensive standouts were Christina Todino, Cabrina Servidio and Bamlou Diallo. The lone goal for Milea was scored by Demetrios Argyros with help from Lauren Schnepf, Nicholoas Schiraldi and Demetrios Akiskinis. Holding the “D” were James Albertelli and Julia Haas.

Pumping iron made Fusion Fitness extra strong as they out muscled Caribe Corp, 3-0. The tremendous defense of Tiffany Liparullo, Freddy Caamarano and Kiana Alicia led to an offensive show from Katie Tierney, Derrick Solari and Christian D’Aloia, with scoring from Rebecca D’Aloia, Arben Kakaj and Lilly Kolb. Standout performers for Caribe were Victoria Caro, William Almanza, Joseph Kramer and Antonia Mancini.

Dolphin Fitness “stole the bow” from Fiddlers Elbow, 3-2. The goals for Fiddlers were scored by Samir Hoti and Alexandra Rachiele. Other strong supplied by Fabian Romano and Michael D’Loia, keeper.

Dr Ken Gonoud “twisted the spines” of Silvestri Carpet, 4-0. Standout players for Silvestri’s were Chris Wimbush, Matthew Wimbush, Dennus Golden and Sean Hurley.

In an offensive show Schuyler Hill F.H. defeated Peek-a-Boo Child Care, 5-1. The “O” was lead by Joe O’Keefe (2), Michael Martinez-Perry (1), Luca Policicchio (1) and Jake Torres-Serrano (1). Other top performers were Leana Eugene, Louis Vegkiante and Majella Sheehan.

OLA circled the wagons against Geronimo’s Deli but still lost, 2-0. Andrew Rosano had both goals with Harold Herrera having one assist. Aggressive “O” from Bobby Biolsi and Declan Byrne.& “D” from Marcos Ballinas & Jonathan Repetti.

The servers at International Caterers were overwhelmed y Ann Claire’s Deli, 6-2. Alexis King played strong offense which led to the goals by rina Jessica (2), Pietro Piccirillo (2), Andrew Guwurek (1) and Juliana Perduzzi (1). The defensive wall was formed by Catherine Ficke and Michael Matire.

The luck of the Irish shone brightly on Shamrock Inn defeating Bronx City Recycling, 4-1. Colleen Hitchens had the hat trick while Kaitlin Boyle scored one on a penalty kick. Other strong performances from Nimh Sheehan, Gina Saverino,Mary Vargas, Christine Albin, Tara Guarino and Dina Singh.

Finest Auto Body “put the dents in” Magic Touch Cleaners, 4-0. The denters were Mary Kate Connolly (2), Sabrina D’Ancone (1) and Jenny Waters (1). The “D” was held by goalie, Marielisa Andalaro.

P. Wynne, Attorney “swung a heavy gavel” on Al-Boro Security, 3-1. Top prosecutors were Andres Soto, Christopher Soto and Jacob Alonso. The court officer was Ibrahima Diallo.

Soma Health Club tied Crosstown Diner, 1-1. The lone goal for Soma was scored by Michael Hangan. Other stellar “O” from Danielle Peters, Alyssa Schett9no and Peter Wiehler. The “D” was supplied by Mike Powers and Brendan Mullins. The Crosstown goal was scored by Nonis Nucodemus. Top performers were Matthew Kahn, Alyssa Malave, Joe Martino, Angenise Rosario and Michael Ianncito.

Barino’s Market broke through Capital’s Shield, 3-1. Joe DelGrosso had the Barino Hat trick. Other top performers were Monika Popovic, Zachary Smith, Aiden Velez and Nicholas Kola. The lone goal for Capital Shield was scored by Christina Santina. Additional strong play from Jailyn Rodriguez, Alex Kosko and Daysha Colon.

Seal Tite Builders defeated Westchester-Bronx OB/gyn, 2-0.. Leading the offensive attack of Seal Tite were Amanda Irizarry and Amanda Navarro, which led to goals by Paige Diaz and Michelle Lawless. Laura Hooks & Juliette D’Errico kockied the defense for the Builders and goalie, Janelly Mercado was outstanding. Despite playing without substitutes in 86degree heat, the players of Westchester-Bronx, played their hearts out: Toni Ann Monti,Celine Herrera, Karina Meythaler, Samantha Perez,Kimberley & Ariana Cocucci.

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