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The “Curse of the Shadow” hit AFC Rapid in week five so due rain we were only able to play on Saturday, 10/4. The highlights for those games are as follows:

Carrillo Construction made an “impression” on Lasting Impresions, 4-0. The scoring was supplied by Ray McCann, Javier Carrillo and Francis Perry. The “O” was carried by JD Dundon, Justin McConville, Kaitlyn McCormack and Mike Crorkin. The defensive wall was built by Gabby Giordano and Danny Kimmel. There was buzzing around the hive that resulted in a 0-0 tie with Fusion Fitness. Offensive standouts for the bees were Nicole Soares, Nicholas Leon, Emma Meaney, Erika Janny, Nikki Spinola and Meaghan McCormack. Great defense from Chris Mercdo, Gino Irizarry, Briana Cicalo, Frankie Ramunno and Carlo Fine. Eric Dimarco held Fusion scoreless for Frank Bees.

Vito’s Deli maintained there unbeaten season defeating McDonald’s, 3-0. The scoring was shred equally with Chris Von Kesel, Steven Martinez and Steven Von Kessel having a goal each. Gianna Degaltini, Julia Maher and Connor Hanly-Piri pushed the “O”. “D” was held Anthony Russo and Brittany Peters. Keeper, Blaise Narcisco pitched a shutout.

C. I. Contracting Corp collected the taxes from NCJA Income Tax, 1-0. Jonathan Neill and Adam Buckley held NCJA to nil, Adam serving double duty scored the only goal of the match. Other top performers for the “ constructos” were Michael Guggliota, Melissa Apicella and Dino Esposito. The human wall was formed by Leo Kibler and Emily Herrera. Other defensive standouts were Christina Todino and Cabrina Servedio.

The weekend of 10/11 & 10/12 (Columbus Day) was blessed with sunshine, as the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria sailed on Cintrpn Field. The highlights are:

The deli men were active as Vito’s Deli “sliced up” American A-1 Auto, 5-0. Top slicers were Chris Von Kessel (2), Steven Von Kessel, Blaise Narcisco and Anthony Russo. Gianna Deglatini and Steven Martinez made the salads, while Brittany Peters, Jessica Von Kessel, Patrick Baumgardner and Connor Hanli-Piri cleaned up the store.

In a battle of the gyms, Dolphin Fitness “out-flexed” Soma Health Center, 3-0. The scoring came from Sita Kone Brandon Gonzales, with help from the trainers Silvio Palumbo, Gulia Bates and Akex Picaro. The spotters on defense were Vittoria Danie Garist.

Lastings Impresions squeaked by McDonald’s, 3-2. Brandon Waldron scored both goals for the “impressions” with assists from Vincent Palazolla and Richard Palazolla. Other stellar performances from Nikko Banas, Richard Rodriguez, Berina Verzuvolli, Brendan Canela, Elsa Lopez, Enrique Concepcion, Stefanie Santos, Joshua Sanchezand Declan Casey.

In a total team effort Carrillo Construction defeated Annunziata Inc, 5-1. JD Dundon, Justin McConville, Emma Carrillo, Mike Crorkin and Francesco Perry each scored a goal. Additional strong efforts from Gabby Giordano, Nicole Hill, Ray McCann and Ryan Merrolla.

The assessment was due and NCJA Income Tax collected from Caribe Corp, 5-2. The top taxmen were Eric Stein (1), Jonathan Cerini (1) and John Healy, the hat trick. The auditors were Ryan Leviness, Keith Lancaster, Mohammed Arifov and Alexis Bholall. Sharpening the pencils were Michael Healy, Michael Di Preta and Bryanna Sanabrua.

In a tough one, Peek-a- Boo defeated Cross-town Diner, 1-0. In a loss, a team effort was turned in by the diner staff of Nonis Nicodemis, Matthew Kahn, Alanna Martino. Michael Iannciho, Victor DiPerro, Joseph Martino and Angenise Rosiaro.

Geronimo’s Deli was on the warpath defeating Carpet Expo, 4-0. Scalps were taken by Andrew Rosario (2), Harold Herrera (1) and Chris Mangiapilli (1). Flaming arrows fired by Nick D’Ancona and Mike Murphy. Protecting the wigwams were Delvin Suero and Marcos Balliras.

Magic Touch Cleaners “pressed & folded” Seal Tite Builders, 4-0. Strong showings for the Builders from Briana Guadalupe, Brianne Traley and Paige Diaz.

Al-Boro Security “cut the strings” of Fiddlers Elbow, 6-1. Plucking the strings & resunung the bow for the Fiddlers were Michael D’Akoia (1), Samir Hoti, John Knappi, Isabelle Ayala and Ryan Maloney.

Westchester-Bronx OB/GYN defeated Bronx City Recycling, 5-1. All 5 goals were scored Karina Maythaler with wonderful assists from Jennifer Colon and Camille Prete. With excellent ball control, the midfielders, Avianna Cocucci, Santina Lopez, Dishianny Almonte and Alexandra Cocucci fed the forward line. The impenetrable defense was commanded by sweeper, Alexandra Casablanca, stoppers, Samantha Lopez & Angela Nunez and keeper, Celine Herrera.

Ann Clair Deli took P. Wynne, Attorney to court and won case, 3-2. The deli-masters were Andrew Gowdrek (2) and Alexis King (1). Making the salads were Jessica Morrone and Julianna Perduza. Sweeping up were Ivan Santos, Michael Martire and Justin Meade. The losing attorney was Andres Soto who had 2 goals. The prep staff was John Alberti, Marko Trombetti and Michael Trombetti.

Locust Point Yacht Club hit Silvestri Carpet with an oil slick, 3-0. The yachtsmen shared the scoring between Nick Garcia, James Omowald and Solemon Kone. The mates on “O” were Jahlan Samuel and Aleks Cusamano. Manning the lines on defense was Luis Chavez. Selling the rugs were Sean Hurley, Jonathan Keeney, Peter Golden, Brendan Tighes and the Wimbush boys, Chris & Matt.

For the second week in a row, Frank Bees and Fusion Fitness met with the same result 0-0 tie. Stellar efforts from the hive came from Nicole Soares,Nick Leone , Emma Meaney, Erika Janney, Gino Irizarry, Meaghan McCormack, Chris Mercado, Briana Cicalo, Frank Ramunno, Carlo Fine and Eric Dimanzo. Strong performances from the weight room were turned by Rebecca D’Aloia, August Feliciano, Bobby Gilbert and Kiani Alicia.

Schuyler Hill F.H. “ate well” at International Caterers, 4-0. Luca Policicchio (2), Sarah O’Keefe (1) and Majella Sheehan (1) were the pall-bearers. The remainder of the staff was Angelo Ejili and Louis Vegliante. The top caterers were John Ojeda, Emily Nugent, Raelyn Purcell, Charly Ann Casales, Deborah Tyran, Kira Villegas and James Leidy.

Bear Bus played 3rd Ave plumbing to 2-2 tie. The Grizzlies were led by Hannah Rigoglioso (1) and Kayla Torres (1). Other strong performances from “O”, R0salie Shannon, Matthew Anaya, “D”, William Albright & Nicholas Dallaris. Top drain cleaners were Katherine Carew and Anthony Paradiso, each with their first goal.. Other pipe cleaners were Haris Sahmonovic, Kyle Williams, Ryan Laina, Ryan Deluca and Patrick Hehir.

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