Abandoned car continues to irk Pelham Gardens

This Toyota Corolla has been parked for over a year at this spot on Pelham Parkway North near Fenton Avenue to the dismay of local resident Lori Mooney. - Photo by Walter Pofeldt

Over a year ago, a Toyota Corolla showed up outside Lori Mooney’s apartment on Pelham Parkway North and Fenton Avenue and never left. 

Now, in early June, the banged up eyesore remains, though some hope for its removal may be coming soon. 

A letter on the car on June 2 explains that the owner had lost the title to the car, but had acquired a new title.  Signed by “The Owner,” it states that the car would be moved soon.

“Whoever owns this car, park it in front of your own house,” said Mooney, who wishes she could utilize the parking spot, hoping the supposed owner is true to his or her words.

Last week, Mooney related that she saw someone remove tickets that were on the car late at night, but doesn’t know if it was the owner or a local resident looking to subtract from the messy sight.

The car, which has an expired inspection/emissions sticker as of March, recently received a ticket for Violation 80 – no headlight.

She has explained that about every three months, a citation may appear on the car, likely a result of her repeated calls to the city to have something done about the Toyota. 

Last July, when The Bronx Times Reporter reported the status of the Toyota, Mooney was concerned that the street had become a “dumping site” when two other cars parked on either side  were left for weeks, one without plates.

While those cars were illegally parked and removed, Mooney griped that she feels the current eyesore contributes to a lack of caring in the immediate vicinity, complaining that liquor bottles and other trash can be found around the car sometimes.  Leaves from last autumn are still under the vehicle. 

Recently, all four tires on the car have either been slashed or have simply deflated after such a long period of stationary status. 

“Its just generally annoying the heck out of me every morning,” Mooney said.  “I hope something is done about the car soon.”

49th Precinct Police Officer Victor DiPierro said that as long as the car is legally parked and registered, there is nothing police can do, but promised to look into the matter in the near future. 

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