A selfish endorsement for (GULP!) Snooki


It is with mixed feelings that we endorse Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera for reelection.

We do this for selfish reasons.

Sadly, we are running out of corrupt, lazy, incompetent and/or just plain stupid electeds to write about.

Who better to fill the bill, though we do have our eye on some contenders.

Little did we know a few years ago when we nicknamed her Snooki that, yes, some electeds really do just wanna have fun – on the taxpayers’ dime.

Naomi’s certainly lived up to her nickname:

•The titillating revelations of her Love Between The Time Sheets romances.

One boytoy said he was unqualified to run a nonprofit she poured funding into – then milked for romantic trysts.

She made current Boytoy Two a $54/hour “community liaison” on her staff while he was teaching full time in Brooklyn.

Needless to say, similar tap dancing with taxpayer bux has sent any number of electeds off to the pokey.

•Since her campaign folks weren’t able to refute it, she has not had a single original bill signed into law in almost eight years in office.

•She and Papi Jose have some of THE worst attendance records in Albany, missing any number of important votes – unless they involved unions that have thrown her campaign bux and bodies.

•Compared to local Councilman Jimmy Vacca and Senator Jeff Klein, Snooki’s been the Phantom of the 80th A.D., rarely showing up, then disappearing.

•Constituent services? Pfft!

We doubt Party Boss and Assemblyman Carl Heastie ever suggested she mend her ways.

But we guess that like the Jets in “West Side Story,” when you’re a Bronx incumbent, you’re in office all the way….


What can we say about Tuesday night’s 80th A.D. candidates’ debate on BronxNet cable TV’s BronxTalk?

Fast takes: Host Gary Axelbank asking intelligent questions – after skewering Naomi for chickening out. Irene Estrada-Rukaj is a nice lady, Adam Bermudez is a chattering chipmunk and lead challenger Mark Gjonaj clearly led the pack, though it was obvious he was pushing prepared platform statements.

Snooki was that empty chair on the right.

Catch the debate at www.bronxnet.org/tv/bronxtalk/viewvideo/1907/bronxtalk/bronxtalk–sept-10-2012.


Seems Naomi challenger Adam Bermudez got lost taping that guitar strumming/singing pitch.

Google his name and “Vote For Me Maybe,” and stop at 1:13 on the tape. Isn’t that Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez’ Brooklyn campaign office?


•Break a leg – That wasn’t just a good luck wish to Highbridge Assemblywoman Vanessa Gibson in today’s race against Anthony Curry. She broke her right leg after Wednesday night’s Democratic Convention in Charlotte, falling on the street.

Boro Prez Ruben Diaz Jr. and a lotta folks at the Bronx Dems’ annual BBQ Saturday outside County HQ on Eastchester Road were autographing the cast. We confess to having our hand on Vanessa’s leg too….

•Bronx attitude -Julia Rodriguez, female district leader in the new 87th Assembly District covering Parkchester, Castle Hill and West Farms has never been shy about speaking her mind.

Only this time, the feisty senior in the Bronx delegation got a little carried away during an interiew, threatening to kill Mitt Romney.

“Romney will destroy this country completely” she said angrily, before grabbing the mic and yelling: “If I see him, I would like to kill him!”

The Secret Service, naturally, said it would now like to have a little chat with Julia.

Our advice: In the future, CIERRA LA BOCA (Shut your mouth)!!!


Bronx Dem Party consigliere, general citywide power broker and City Island resident Stanley Schlein donated $2,500 to the Romney campaign, according to local filings. Make of it what you will ….


The City Districting Commission released its preliminary draft map last week, rejiggering City Council lines to bring each disrtrict in at around 160,000 residents, give or take a few thousand to jibe, based on the 2010 Census.

Unless they’re both happy with the arrangement, the biggest brawl could be in Mott Haven, where Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo would see a major chunk of her heavily populated 17th C.D. handed over to East Harlem’s Melissa Mark-Viverito, whose nearly doubled 8th C.D. would look like a giant L in the south Bronx, running across the bottom of Mott Haven and up to W. 171st Street in Helen Foster’s Highbridge turf.

We can’t imagine two meaner pit bulls than Maria and Melissa fighting over this bone of contention.


•To Assemblywoman Vanessa Gibson and family on the loss of her dad, Julien Tull, 65, Sept. 9.

•To family of Dem Party worker, 87th A.D. judicial delegate and Supreme Court aide Roselyn Johnson, Sept. 5 at age 69.


Sept. 7 – Assemblyman Mike Benedetto

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