A new website has launched to give Edgar Allan Poe fans and followers a new resource to remain up to date on renovations to the historical Edgar Allan Poe Cottage and to purchase items sold in the cottage store.

A new website has been launched to provide Edgar Allan Poe enthusiasts a resource to remain up-to-date on renovations to the historical Edgar Allan Poe Cottage in Poe Park on the Grand Concouse and to purchase items sold in the cottage store.

In preparation for the upcoming closure of Poe Cottage due to a much-needed restoration The Bronx County Historical Society launched the new “Poe Page” on Tuesday, February 2.

“The house is almost 198 years old, so it’s going to go about a complete restoration.This is why the website was started,” said Angel Hernandez, Bronx County Historical Society educator, administrator for the Poe Page.“People from all over can go online to get a little piece of the cottage once it closes.”

The easy-to-navigate website will direct visitors to the online store, which offers many of the more popular items found in the store, such as the works of Edgar Allan Poe, twig pencils, quill pens, Poe magnets and facsimile, cookie cutters, cottage replicas and more.

There is also a link to a page that contains information regarding the new Poe Visitor’s/Bronx Tourism Center, the first tourism center in the borough.Viewers can soon go online to learn about the free services available at the center and keep track of the opening date, which is expected within the next few months.

For the duration of the Poe Cottage renovations, including additions to make the cottage handicap accessible, educational seminars and programs will be held at the Poe Center.

According to Hernandez, The Bronx County Historical Society will soon receive notice from the Department of Parks & Recreation as to when the new center will be open and cottage renovations begin.The information will be posted on the website immediately.

“We want people to know what’s going on with restoration, how nice it’s going to be, and when we are going to open the house,” Hernandez said.“We also want to talk more about the Poe Center and let everyone know it’s free to public so people from all walks of life can visit.Through the Poe Page we want to raise awareness for both structures.”

In the future Hernandez expects to add a page that provides a virtual tour of the cottage.

Visit the Poe Page at http://www.bronxhistoricalsociety.org/PoePage2.html

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