A fan’s encouragement as the Subway Series winds down

1 East 161st Street.
Curtis Heath

As we approach the concluding two games of the Subway Series, a reminder of who’s boss between the boroughs is more than necessary.

While it would be inappropriate to name the obviously superior team in the city, this reporter just wants to simply start spreading the news.

Speaking of reporters, up in the Bronx we don’t have to worry about a manager having a bit of a temper tantrum…or a losing season.

But that’s besides the point, though.

What’s important is that while one club focuses on success on and off the field with a proud and illustrious history of championships, the other has some of the best darn fried Oreos in all of baseball, a feat that isn’t to be taken lightly.

Not every team can have an all-star roster that despite an overwhelming amount of injuries can not only continue winning games, but also the hearts of fans around the country and in portions of the Netherlands where a certain shortstop hails from.

If there’s something that both squads can agree on it is that justice will be served properly during the series finale.

I have no doubt that this proverbial ‘Judge’ will not be on the bench, but rather striking swiftly a little closer into his chambers.

Another thing worth appreciating about both teams and their respective stadiums is how well the grounds are kept.

That Gardner is doing a tremendous job with the outfield and not to shabby behind home plate either; it’s no wonder that the grass is always plenty Green.

Also, games like these tend to attract crowds from all over; whether it be city slickers or Hicks, a sellout is almost guaranteed.

So, given the upcoming interleague challenge, we are trying to be the best ambassadors to our neighboring borough that we possibly can.

To our lovely colleagues at the Queens Courier: we here at the Bronx Times would love to wager placing an updated version of this editorial into our issue for the following week.

So how about it?

We think it’s either going to be amazin’ or a real bomber of an idea.

Not mention, next week’s issue is our 27th for 2019, not like that number means anything important.

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