89 graffiti arrests in last 14 mos.

In an effort to combat graffiti vandalism, the 45th and 49th precincts have issued the list of non-juveniles arrested for graffiti-related incidents for the last 14 months.

In 2008 the two precincts made 89 arrests, with 55 in the 49th Precinct and 34 within the confines of the 45th Precinct. Another six graffiti vandals have been arrested so far in 2009. Of this total, 32 were adults aged 16 through 35 in the 49th and adults aged 16 through 22 accounted for 17 arrests in the 45th Precinct.

Some vandals were arrested more than once during this period of time, such as Jonathan Martinez, Devon Belen and Jonathan Marrero by the 45th precinct. Jonathan Marrero, 18 was arrested once in 2008 for tagging E. Tremont Avenue, and again in 2009 along E. Tremont, being one of three adults arrested by 2009 for the 45th.

“A lot of times it’s the same kids that get locked up, and they kids are getting younger and younger,” said Officer Pasquale Pappalardi, crime prevention officer for the 45th Precinct.

Multiple arrests for the 49th Precinct include Joshua Lopez, 18, Avery Prince, 17, Steve Pizzaro, 18, and Semen Semenov, 19.

Prince, who was caught allegedly vandalizing the #5 IRT train station in 2007 at the corner of Esplanade and Paulding Avenue, and in 2008 in the lobby of an apartment building, located 2825 Olinville Avenue, plead guilty to disorderly conduct after his first arrest and was sentenced with a conditional discharge. Semenov also received a conditional discharge for tagging ‘TWO X’ along the side of a Verizon pay phone on the corner of Crugar and Lydig avenues.

The oldest of the group, Joseph Bounnano, 35, was arrested February 17, 2009, at 759 Lydig Avenue, with markers, scribbling a message on a wall in honor of a deceased friend. Bounnano has pleaded not guilty and will appear in court on March 30.

“This is a big concern for us, and we try to focus a lot on quality of life issues,” said Captain John Greeley of the 49th Precinct. “Arresting them and having them do community service within the precinct they committed the crime is what we want, and that is what we are working with the D.A.’s office on.”

Graffiti vandals that received community service or social service include Jordan Rondon, 16, Charlton Humbert, 22, Christopher Waters, 18, Tyrik Woods, 17, Timothy Mejia, 17, Lee Hyuns, 17, and Johnny Collado, 18 for the 49th Precinct, and Johnathan Rodriguez, 16, Devon Belen, 21, Jose Rosarro, 18, Ronald Herrera, 16, Christopher Rodriguez, 18, Nelson Galan, 20, Christian Rodriguez, 16, and Christopher Colon, 17 for the 45th.

Those not prosecuted following their arrest include Daniel Rodriguez, 17, Charles Krugler, 19, Orane Nelson, 20 in the 45th, and Sean Rodriguez, 16, Charles Krugler 18, Javier Tovar, 16, Victor Rolgan, 16, Dwayne Baily, 18, Sean Rodriguez, 16, Nathaniel River, 16, Steve Pizzaro, 18, Terrance Veal, 16, Isaac Garcia, 16, and Sean Rodriguez, 17 of the 49th Precinct.

Other graffiti vandals whose cases remain open, were either issued a fine, received a conditional discharge or are inconclusive include Rafael Santiago, 20, Christopher Rodriguez, 18, Iliya Mikicivik, 18, Derrick Rassaw, 17, Lamar Townsenc, 17, Sebastian Negron, 17, and Richard Sepulvada for the 49th Precinct and Khiry Evanson, 20, Victor Hernandez, 22, Chris Defoe, 18, and Justin McGinn, 18 for the 45th Precinct.

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