Letter: Columnist needs to ‘respect the truth’

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To the Editor,

The sky is falling, the sky is falling! The weekly carnival of misinformation continues unabated at the Bronx Times Reporter, in the form of Frank Vernuccio’s column. The author conflates infanticide with abortion, two distinct actions. Somebody give this man a dictionary. The nationwide crime surge is blamed on Democratic officials, conveniently omitting the fact that Republican-led cities such as Miami, Jacksonville, Tulsa and others have experienced significantly higher murder rates. You see, any information that does not support the opinion of the author is excluded from his column.
Then Sen. Schumer is accused of attempting to nullify the Free Speech Amendment to the Constitution.when his position, grounded in reality, is that corporations are not people and thus should not be allowed to donate unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns. Their vast resources allow corporations to drown out the voices of the voters and impose their will on grateful and compliant politicians. Schumer’s idea is common sense and not in any way a threat to free speech as portrayed by the columnist.
The oblique defense of Rudy Giuliani, not named but identified as a “prominent lawyer,” is laughable. A judge found that Mr. Giuliani made “demonstrably false and misleading statements,” posed an “immediate threat to the public” and “directly inflamed” tensions that resulted in the insurrection. His law license was suspended for good reason, not because the current president “doesn’t like” Giuliani, as asserted by the author.
Further dishonesty is evident when the columnist uses a quote, without attribution, claiming that educators in Virginia are instructed to undermine parental authority and discourage heterosexuality. I challenge the writer to produce evidence supporting this bizarre claim. But hey, it supports the conservative pretense that the educational system is corrupting our youth.
One has to wonder why, week after week, the Bronx Times Reporter features a column of such dubious distinction. While all voices, including conservative ones, deserve to be heard, these voices also need to respect the truth.
Pasqual Pelosi

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