Hip Hop Blvd honors Melle Mel of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five

The Hip Hop Blvd Awardee, Grandmaster Melle Mel, left, with Gospel Gabe. Mel was presented with a Hip Hop Blvd award on July 7.
Photos Jewel Webber
 On July 7, Hip Hop Blvd had an award and dinner banquet for the legendary Melle Mel of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five.

This group, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007, is known for elevating hip-hop music and making it “a weapon for social change.”

From left, Melle Mel, holding his Hip Hop Blvd award, Al Pizarro, co-founder of Hip-Hop Blvd and Big Jeff.
The event was held at Con Sofrito in the Bronx. Jimmy Rodriguez, owner of Con Sofrito, has been a staunch supporter of Hip Hop Blvd and the hip-hop community. Al Pizarro, CEO of Hip Hop Blvd, Renee Mickens, Hip Hop Blvd’s awards director, and Bigg Jeff, of Hip Hop Blvd’s artist public relations, did a fantastic job hosting the event. Sponsors included The Kingdom Building Church, United Coalition Of Humanity, Royal Hustlers Promotions and Empire Blue Shield.

Gospel Gabe performed his song “You A Superstar” in honor of  those who are superstars in the lives of others. DJ Flame — formally known as DJ La Spank of the first all female hip-hop group The Legendary Mercedes Ladies — even jumped on the mic. Half Pint Davis presented The Hip Hop Blvd Award to Grandmaster Melle Mel and Jerry “Fast Feet” Fontanez from the Rock Steady Crew showed off his breakdancing skills.

From left,DJ Ultamate, Gail Hall (DJ Flame) and DJ Baxspin.
Con Sofrito was filled with good food, drinks,  laughter and good music. The Bronx is considered the home of hip-hop and a diverse set of people with amazing gifts. 
-with reporting by Jewel Webber

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