$500 reward for capture of graffiti vandal

The Morris Park Community Association (MPCA) has formulated a plan to deter future vandalism and declared that the latest act of vandalism in the neighborhood went too far.

Last week two private homes in Morris Park were defaced with graffiti. The fence of 1594 Hone Avenue was covered with red markings, while 1595 Hone Avenue was tagged with red and silver paint on two sides.

Morris Park resident Lenny Giocondo was shocked and disgusted when he saw what vandals had done to the homes in his community, he said.

In response to the vandalism, MPCA is offering $500 for the capture and conviction of the person or people responsible for the crime. MPCA hopes the reward will tempt someone who witnessed the incident to step forward.

“It’s very personal when you start defacing someone’s house – that crosses the line,” MPCA president Al D’Angelo said. “Even the worst of the people who do graffiti don’t do things like that I’m hoping someone will come forward because [if the person or persons responsible are caught] it will send a message out to the next guy that if he tags houses we will go after him with a vengeance.”

Additionally, Senator Jeff Klein will be removing the graffiti from the homes within the next week.

“Graffiti is an eyesore in any neighborhood and I refuse to let criminals get away with it in my district,” Klein said.

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