49th’s top cops get award

Officers of the 49th precinct were presented the ‘Cop of the Month’ award, sponsored by Senator Jeff Klein, during the 49th for their contribution towards decreasing burglaries in the area with two recent arrests. (L-r) Captain John Greeley, Officer William Asencio, Officer Silva Muniz, Officer Craig Jones, Yasmin Salih, Joe Thompson Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

Burglars beware; the 49th precinct is cracking down on crime, with two burglary arrests earning three officers the June ‘Cop of the Month’ Award.

Each month, sponsored by Senator Jeff Klein, officers of the 49th precinct who go beyond the call of duty are selected to receive appraisal for their hard work during the 49th Precinct Council meeting.

“These officers stood out among New York City’s finest, and I’m happy to recognize their achievements this month as I have with their colleagues in the past,” said Klein.

On Monday, May 11, Police Officer William Asencio, Police Officer Craig Jones and Police Officer Silva Muniz went to 2909 Seymour Avenue in responded to a radio run.

The officers observed two perpetrators tampering with the front door just before they approached the duo. One perpetrator attempted to flee, leading to a chase by Jones and Muniz.

The officers were able to apprehend both criminals, identified as Eric Via, 18, and Marlon Taylor, 19. Both were arrested for burglary and illegal entry with criminal intent.

“We were getting killed with burglaries, but these officers made a fantastic arrest,” said Captain John Greeley of the 49th Precinct during the meeting on Tuesday, June 30. “Based on the work of our officers, burglaries have been going down in the area. They go above and beyond on a daily basis.”

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