49th recovers laptops

by amanda marinaccio

On a routine check, the 49th Precinct has nabbed four individuals caught in possession of eight stolen laptops.

On Wednesday, May 27, Detectives Dave Popowich and Neil Whitney, with Sergeants Allan Gonzales and Patrick Brown, were investigating outstanding warrants in the area in response to complaints of burglaries in the community.

While in the Pelham Parkway Houses, looking into a quality-of-life warrant for two individuals at 2430 Bronxwood Avenue, the police found four persons present in possession of eight laptops that were reported stolen from St. Lucy’s School. Each laptop had etched security IDs.

Gabriel and Jose Garcia, of 2430 Bronxwood Avenue, Apartment 4C, Mario Chiarucci, of 985 Waring Avenue, and Marcos Perez, of 2043 Holland Avenue, were arrested for criminal possession of stolen property.

“We were looking into warrants, and this turned into a big thing for us, which is great for the community,” said Captain John Greeley of the 49th Precinct. “This was a great arrest and the hard work of these guys helped decrease the burglaries in the area.”

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