49th Precinct warns seniors of deception crime

Cops in the 49th Precinct are once again warning seniors to beware of deception crimes.

Officers are looking for two Hispanic men in their late-30s to early-40s who posed as plumbers to gain entry to a man’s home on Neill Avenue in Morris Park on Monday, January 3 at approximately 6 p.m. The duo said that they were checking the home’s water system for contamination after work crews had supposedly drilled through a water main on the street, which didn’t happen.

Once inside, one of the suspects distracted the home owner while the other stole $1,500 in cash from a desk in the house. According to 49th Precinct Community Affairs officer Victor DiPierro, neither of the men carried identification or wore uniforms, and only said that they were from “ABC Plumbing,” a fictional company. DiPierro urged all people, especially seniors who are most likely to be targeted by deception criminals, to be vigilant.

“The elderly especially should remember that if they have not called anyone and don’t expect anyone, don’t let people into your home by any means,” DiPierro said. “Call 911 and let the police respond and investigate. Deception burglaries like this usually target the elderly.”

Deception robbers often claim they are there to deal with a problem with the house. It could include gas, electric, plumbing, and roofing. They also sometimes falsely claim to be from a city or state agency, like the Department of Environmental Protection. Homeowners should ask to see identification through a peephole before opening a front door, if possible, he said.

DiPierro said the robbery is not part of a pattern.

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