49th Pct. extends financial aid to sick girl

Nadia Uddin

Officers at the 49th Precinct recently took their role to protect and serve to a new level when they donated more than $500 to help a local, suffering youth.

On behalf of the 49th Precinct, officer A.J. Pizzuto presented the Morris Park Community Association with $520 for Nadia Uddin’s cause at their meeting on May 14.

As the association’s beat officer, Pizzuto said he first heard about 10-year-old Uddin, who suffers from End Stage Renal Disease, at one of the weekly meetings and immediately brought her case back to the station.

“Everybody’s always collecting for some little cause here or there,” he explained. “Cops always like to give to stuff like this.”

With a daunting medical scenario like Uddin’s, sympathy is inevitable.

Making visits to Montefiore Medical Center for Dialysis at least three times per week, the Hunt Avenue youngster only hope for a healthy future is through a kidney transplant.

While the family continues to search for a donor, the community is doing all they can to raise necessary funds to help alleviate her growing medical bills.

In a mere few weeks time, the officer collected the substantial funds, a true representation of the precinct’s dedication to help their own.

Moved by their act of generosity, Morris Park Community Association President Al D’Angelo said it was truly inspirational to see the officers step beyond their normal community roles and donate to Uddin’s cause.

“I think it was a really nice statement to make,” he said. “For them to reach into their pockets and gather $520 was heroic.”

To donate, or for more information about becoming a kidney donor, contact Cutignola at (646) 919-6212 or log onto http://nadianeedsakidney.weebly.com/.

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