49th honors Cops of the Month

Police Officer Hyun Yoon, Police Officer Mivoni Perez and Detective William Fisher were awarded ‘Cop of the Month,’ sponsored by Senator Jeff Klein, at the 49th Precinct Community Council meeting on Tuesday, March 31. Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

During the March 49th Precinct Community Council meeting, three distinguished members of the precinct were honored with the Cop of the Month Award, sponsored by Senator Jeff Klein.

On Tuesday, March 31, Detective Williams Fisher and Police Officers Mivoni Perez and Hyun Yoon were presented a certificate to acknowledge their courageous actions and superb investigations that put them beyond the call of duty.

Yoon and Perez were responsible for the high priority arrest of Alberto Rodriguez, wanted for a string of crimes within the confines of the 49th Precinct.

Rodriguez was arrested on Tuesday, February 24 for robbery, grand larceny, criminal impersonation, and petit larceny. Rodriguez allegedly impersonated a law enforcement agent to rob unsuspecting victims.

Fisher was selected for his assistance in a homicide case leading to the arrest of four individuals, including 15-year-old Sharell Butler.

“Through the work of the NYPD, Bronx Homicide and 49th Precinct Detectives, we were able to lock up four different individuals,” said Captain John Greeley of the 49th. “It was a great investigation, looking into every single angle.”

Bulter, along with accomplices, allegedly stabbed John Hopkins Drago, 22, over 50 times on Sunday, December 21, inside his Pelham Parkway apartment. The body was recovered in a shopping cart at the rear of 2161 Barnes Avenue.

In addition, after the meeting occurred, a noteworthy arrest took place on April 1, by Officer Angel Rosario and Sergeant Allen Gonzales. After attaining a search warrant for apartments 4A and 5A of 679 Waring Avenue, an arrest was made when more than 60 marijuana plants were discovered in each apartment.

“That was a real good seizure of close to $200,000 street value worth of marijuana,” said Greeley.

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