Essen Health Care expands COVID-19 care program for the Bronx

Essen COVID testing
Essen COVID testing
Photo courtesy of Essen

The largest privately owned multispecialty medical network in the Bronx has expanded its COVID-19 treatment.

On April 23, Essen Health Care launched a care program to offer testing services, telehealth monitoring of symptomatic patients that have been quarantined and return-to-work occupational health services for the entire borough.

According to New York City’s Department of Health, the Bronx currently has the highest per capita rate of positive COVID-19 cases in all of the five boroughs, at over 2,000 confirmed cases per 100,000 people. The Bronx has some of the most vulnerable populations due to high prevalence of high-risk underlying conditions, such as asthma and diabetes, as well as limited access to care, but also a high proportion of essential workers.

“Our first dedicated COVID-19 screening centers opened over a month ago and we’ve been screening an average of 200 patients per day, limited only by our access to test kits,” noted Essen Health Care’s Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sumir Sahgal. “In parallel we’ve added telehealth services to monitor and support COVID-19 patients at home to ensure appropriate use of emergency room and hospital services and we’re now ready to expand our services.”

The Essen Health Care COVID-19 care program consists of:

  • Our locations rotate, patients must call or go online to schedule an appointment.
  • Monitoring and support for individuals under quarantine, using telephone and video to assess, advise, order tests and medications and escalate care as medically necessary, especially for those with underlying conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and other conditions;
  • An expanded occupational health program to offer employment clearance services to employees and employers to help people in essential services get back to work.

To schedule an appointment with the Essen Health Care COVID-19 care program, call the Essen Patient Care Center 718-638-7682 or go to The website and call center are available for anyone in the general public, patients, employees and employers with any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19.

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