45th Precinct Community Council Breakfast May 8th

45th Precinct Community Council Breakfast May 8th|45th Precinct Community Council Breakfast May 8th
Joseph Boiko, a deceased distinguished community leader in Co-op City and beyond who helped organize the 45th Precinct Community Council’s annual breakfast every year, will be posthumously honored during the Wednesday, May 8th event.

A precinct community is coming together to celebrate both civilians and police officers at their annual breakfast.

The 45th Precinct Community Council has chosen to honor five outstanding civilians and their beloved deceased vice president who volunteered countless hours to previous years’ breakfast when the big annual event occurs on Wednesday, May 8 at Villa Barone Manor from 8:30 to 11 a.m.

Joseph Boiko, the council’s former vice-president who passed in October 2018 and was a driving force behind the annual event according to the council’s sergeant-at-arms John Doyle, will be posthumously remembered for his service.

Honorees include Mouhammad Ali, Ali Maamur Jame Masjid Community Center faith leader; Andrew Chirico, Waterbury-LaSalle Community Association vice-president; Sr. Seline Mary Flores, Providence Rest Nursing Home CEO; Louise Giacco, City Island Chamber of Commerce corresponding secretary; and Joyce Wilson, Co-op City NAACP branch member at large.

“My favorite thing about the breakfast is that every neighborhood is represented and it really shows we are one community,” said Bob Bieder, 45th Precinct Community Council president, adding that the civilian honorees are chosen with geographic diversity in mind.

Police officers, selected by the precinct’s commanding officer, will be honored at the breakfast, said Bieder.

Bieder said it is his belief that the breakfast builds bridges between police officers and community, improving police-community relations.

“Anytime you break bread with someone, you improve their relations,” said Bieder, adding that the breakfast was an opportunity for cops and community members to talk with and recognize one another.

Tickets to the event cost $20 per person, but the price doesn’t cover the cost of the meal and the precinct council relies on generous support from sponsors to turn a ‘profit’ that goes to funding police programs and improvements.

“Every dime goes to the precinct,” said Bieder, adding that they fund individual projects including a new kitchen for detectives, as well as annual initiatives, such as National Night Out Against Crime.

Sponsorships are available at Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze levels, costing $2,000, $1,000, $500, and $200 respectively. Each level comes with a different recognition.

Doyle said he was enthusiastic about recognizing the two honorees he nominated: Sr. Seline, whose organization works with the most vulnerable population and Giacco, who volunteers with the City Island Chamber of Commerce.

Chirico, who Bieder said is being honored for his commitment to being an advocate for his community and his impeccable attendance at every event, said he was excited to be honored.

“It is nice that some people recognize that I do good things and am contentious about it,” said Chirico,

He added: “I would like to see the neighborhood improve. I want things in the community to get better, and if we don’t succeed, I want to be able to say I at least tried.”

For information on the event, call Bieder at (718) 828-4400 or Annie Boller, council treasure, at (917) 744-3375.

The event’s mailing address is Annie Boller c/o Abalon, 717 South 3rd Avenue, Mount Vernon, N.Y. 10550.

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Andrew Chirico
Photo courtesy of Andrew Chirico

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