45th Pct. Explorers take first in competition

The future of the borough is looking bright as Bronx youth from the 45th Precinct Explorers won a citywide competition.

On Tuesday, December 30, participants from the 45th Precinct Post 2045 took part in the Citywide Law Enforcement, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is a challenging competition that tests the skills and training of young explorers from various precincts throughout the five boroughs.

“It’s a wonderful program,” said Angie Teran, mother of Jacob Teran, a 45th Precinct Explorer and team leader in the recent competition. “The explorers are apart of the Learning for Life program through the Boy Scouts of America.”

Children age 10 to 13 begin as junior investigators, evolving into explorers from ages 14 until 21.

Teams of four explorers from each precinct competed in two scenarios that were randomly assigned, forcing the youths to be prepared for anything the competition could throw at them. The 45 Precinct Explorers won first place in the white-collar crime scenario and tied for fourth in the burglary in progress scenario.

During the white-collar crime, the team, led by Jacob Teran, had to find illegal documentation and evidence leading to fraud. Other scenarios included search and rescue, traffic stop, hostage negotiation, bomb threat, and first aid, each given a maximum completion time of 20 minutes.

“This really gets them interest in a career, many of the kids participating in the precinct explorers are looking into a career in law enforcement or just hold an interest in the local police force and are looking to learn more,” said Angie Teran, who watched her eldest son, Joshua Teran, 21, participate in the program also.

Post 2045 has meetings three times a week, Monday for higher-ranking officers, Wednesday for training, and Friday for physical fitness training and to assist other kids. Jacob Teran explains that as the competition nears, triaging becomes more intense to properly train themselves.

“When you practice it always seems easy, but when you get to the competition you get really nervous,” said Jacob. “There is just so much pressure on you because it is citywide and you realize everyone knows something different and you have no idea what to expect, what you will have to do, or what you may miss. It’s a lot of pressure, but you have fun too.”

In addition to the multiple competitions each year, the explorers get to participate in events such as the Bronx Ball, held by the Borough Presidents Office, where they act as ushers and escort guests as they arrive.

“The program is well structured, offers them community service, and helps them to build friendships with like minded law abiding children,” said Teran.


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