45th Pct. Community Council to honor four

Barbara Dolensek
courtesy of Barbara Dolensek

Four outstanding individuals who have contributed to crime prevention and police and community relations in the east Bronx will be honored later this spring by the 45th Precinct Community Council.

Local Country Club and Spencer Estate community activist Lou Amend, Co-op City Public Safety Dept. chief Frank Apollo, Community Board 10 chairman John Marano, and City Islander Barbara Dolensek will be feted at the council’s annual breakfast on Wednesday, May 9 at Villa Barone Manor (737 Throgs Neck Expressway) from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The precinct will also honor its own outstanding officers and personnel who have made a difference, said Council president Bob Bieder.

Lou Amend

Amend is a staunch supporter of Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson’s community outreach programs and Senator Klein’s Courtwatchers program, getting involved after five decades working in the garment district.

“Lou has been a member of the 45th Precinct Community Council for as long as I have been and probably longer,” said Beider. “He gives of his time unselfishly and continuously, and has for many years.”

“I was very surprised and I was very honored,” Amend said of the honor. “You never know who is watching you.”

John Marano

Marano has used his role as chair of Community Board 10 to advocate for the return of a narcotics investigation module specifically for the 45th Precinct.

“As chairperson of CB 10, he has been fighting vigilantly for more police, particularly the drug task force,” said Bieder.

Marano, a former police officer and firefighter, said he is happy that the board and the public is taking notice of people in the community who are trying to strengthen it.

Lou Amend

“I am just honored that the 45th Precinct Council chose to recognize me, because how many time do community activists get recognized?” said Marano.

Chief Frank Apollo

With the “city within a city” being such a large segment of the 45th Precinct, Apollo, the head of Co-op City’s public safety police force, plays an integral role in the precinct’s overall crime picture.

“He has worked very closely with the 45th Precinct, and every captain we have ever had at the precinct always praised him for the work he has done and the help he has been, and we are thrilled to honor him as well,” said Bieder.

Barbara Dolensek

Dolensek has been involved as a volunteer with the City Island Civic Association, and a plethora of organizations on the nautical island community.

“It is nice to be honored by the rest of the Bronx,” said Dolensek. “I was honored by the Bronx Times too a few years ago, but I was one of 25. This time I am one of four, which is even better.”

Bieder listed her accomplishments as being active with the not only the CICA, but also City Island’s garden club, theater group, nautical museum, and non-profit newspaper, The Island Current.

Tickets and donations

Tickets (donations) are $15 and can be purchased by calling Bieder at Westchester Square Plumbing Supply at (718) 828-4400 or Joe Boiko at Riverbay at (718) 320-3300, ext. 3409.

To make a donation, mail it to Annie Boller, c/o Abalon, 1040 Home Street, Bronx, NY 10459.

Chief Apollo
courtesy of Co-op City Times

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