4-way sign OK’d

According to Councilman Jimmy Vacca, a busy street corner in Spencer Estate where three major accidents have occurred in the past four months will finally get a four-way stop sign.

Vacca spoke with Bronx Department of Traffic Commissioner Constance Moran, who has agreed that the situation at the corner of Ampere and Stadium avenues merits a four-way stop sign.

With trips to the hospital becoming routine, and cars slamming through fences into the backyards of homes near the corner, Vacca was able to convince the DOT that they needed to take action. Currently, there is only a two-way stop for cars approaching the intersection on Stadium Avenue.

“The four-way stop sign for the corner of Stadium and Ampere avenues has been approved,” Councilman Vacca said. “I have pursued this issue doggedly after having personally witnessed cars crash through fences at that intersection.”

Vacca said that he was present for a car crash through a fence onto the front lawn of a home at the corner on a evening in 2005. Vacca’s campaign office was located just up the street from the corner.

“It is not so much the volume of the cars that pass through the intersection, but the speed,” Vacca said. “We needed a stop on Ampere somewhere in the middle of the 12-block stretch, from Outlook Avenue to Pelham Bay Park.”

Vacca said that while speed humps had been installed at the on one of the corners feeding into Ampere Avenue, a full stop is needed to slow overly aggressive motorists.

Vacca brought the NYPD together with DOT, and made certain that DOT had all of the accident data for the corner.

“This is a big victory for the Spencer Estate community, as it is their most major concern, and has taken a very long time,” Vacca said. “I needed to thank Commissioner Moran for all of her work in this effort. She was instrumental in getting this accomplished.”

An exact date for installation of the signs is forthcoming.

“This victory is long overdue and terrific,” said Al Carena, president of the Spencer Estate Civic Association. “It goes to show that persistence pays off. While I am very glad the DOT has come to this decision, it is very unfortunate it took some accidents to get the four-way stop sign.”

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