300 uninvited guests trigger gunfire

300 uninvited guests trigger gunfire

Tracey Towers residents claim a quicker response time from the 52nd Precinct to an unauthorized backyard barbecue could have saved one man from the intensive care unit.

The man in his early 20’s, whose name wasn’t released, was parking his car at approximately 1 a.m. in the building’s garage on Saturday, July 5, when a stray bullet from an unruly crowd hit him and sent him to the emergency room.

“He’s had three surgeries and may have to have two more,” Tracey Towers Tenant Organization president Sam Gillian said.

The shooting occurred after several hundred youth from around the borough responded to a 4th of July barbecue invitation they saw online, Gillian explained.

Though police haven’t confirmed her involvement, Gillian said one of Tracey Towers’ residents has been pulling the stunt for years.

He explained that the woman, who he wished would remain anonymous, annually posts a notice in the Internet, inviting any and all interested youth to her cookout at the 40 W. Mosholu Pkwy S. location.

Unfortunately, this year, the party got out of hand.

“There was drinking and gambling,” Tracey Towers Organization vice president Felix Gibson said about the youthful crowd.

Gibson added that security initially called the 52nd Precinct to alert them of the unruly group around 11:30 p.m. on July 4, but didn’t receive a response until after the shooting, over an hour later.

“We’re really concerned about the response time to Tracey Towers,” Gibson said. “The police really have to step it up.”

The 52nd Precinct is conducting an ongoing investigation into the shooting.  Witnesses are being sought.  Anyone with information is being asked to call Detective McCrosson at (718) 220-5836.

“In the future it could get worse,” Gibson said. “It could be more than one person shot.”

Gillian said he hopes a town hall meeting with the building’s residents, elected officials and local cops will generate a better understanding of what needs to be accomplished to prevent another similar situation in the future.

“The ultimate goal is to improve the relationship between Tracey Towers, security and the 52nd Precinct,” Gillian explained.

He further stated that to help alleviate problems in the immediate future, “We’re also putting pressure on management to evict the woman whose putting all of our lives in danger.”

Those with information may also call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.  Crime Stoppers has been known to offer reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of violent criminals.  All calls may remain anonymous.