16th Annual Clesse Run September 9th

“It is one of those things that happened on our soil that we should never forget.” – Joe Thompson on remembering September 11th, 2001 at the Clesse 5k run and walk.

It’s time to lace up your running shoes for a worthy cause.

The 16th annual Lt. Thomas Clesse 5k Memorial Run that remembers the events of September 11th 2001 and commemorates one of the 49th Precinct’s ‘Finest’ takes place on Pelham Parkway on Saturday, September 9 at 9 a.m.

The proceeds from this year’s event will go to Detective Miosotis Familia’s family, said 49th Precinct Community Affairs police officer David Lepore.

Most years the charitable race supports the Patrolmen Benevolent Association’s Widows and Children’s Fund, said Joe Thompson, 49th Precinct Community Council president, but sometimes race organizers feel compelled to help others as well.

“In years past the proceeds have almost always gone to the widows and children’s fund, but with (Familia’s) ultimate sacrifice so fresh in our minds we decided it to be most fitting to donate to her family,” said Lepore.

The event is typically an “amazing day where we get our community and police running together,” said Lepore, adding it is a way honor fallen officers from September 11th and to remember Clesse, who embodied the idea of community policing.

Familia was assassinated as she sat in a mobile command unit in the 46th Precinct on Wednesday, July 5.

Thompson said that in past years, the event has also helped the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.

Since he and three other people founded the race, Thompson said the precinct and its community affairs office has always been supportive of the effort.

“We pick a date that is close to September 11th,” said Thompson, saying that the race “commemorates an atrocity that happened on our soil that we should never forget.”

First, second and third place winners among men and women runners are honored with trophies.

Two sets of trophies are given out to men and women under and over 50, so there are plenty of chances to win, he said.

There will also be a children’s race with medals awarded, he said.

“It helps to bring our community together, because all kinds of people run in this race,” said Thompson.

Thompson said that he was very grateful to the event’s sponsor: Simone Development.

Joseph Kelleher, president of Simone Metro Properties at Hutchinson Metro Center, said that Simone Development supports the race because the 49th Precinct is the development’s local community police force and they have done a fantastic job protecting and reaching out to the community.

“We just believe in the cause of supporting police officers in the line of duty that have given their lives for the sake of public service,” said Kelleher.

He added that it is great feeling to race down Pelham Parkway without traffic.

According to a previously published Bronx Times Reporter story, Clesse passed away from cancer on July 27, 2002 after a 32-year NYPD career.

To sign up for the upcoming event, people can go to the 49th Precinct at 2122 Eastchester Road before the race starts the day of the event or they can call the community affairs office at (718) 918-2025 for further information.

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